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There’s no better feeling to me than running my fingers through freshly washed hair. I just love touching my hair, especially when its all soft and fluffy. I don’t know why but I find it strangely satisfying. That’s why when the amazing guys over at Mankind offered to send me a box of hair products to try, I was like gimme, gimme, gimme!!
The lovely feeling box was filled to the brim with products from Label Men, a brand that I actually didn’t know much about. 
Within the box there was…

The Label Men Scalp Purifying Shampoo. 

The Label Men Invigorating Conditioner. 

The Label Men Scalp Tonic. 

The Label Men Thickening Tonic. 

The Label Men Deconstructer. 

The Label Men Sculpting Pomade. 
The Label Men range incorporates unique hair botanicals to help soothe the scalp, restore hair vitality, and support healthy hair growth. The range was formulated with innovative technology that ensures higher ingredient concentration for maximum penetration. The range is designed to deliver optimum performance and instant results.
Having being created with the Toni & Guy international team, the range was created to suit every hair type and individual stylle, but still incorporates Label Men’s edgy urban style that the brand is well known for. 
Label Men is all about performance without compromise. 
The Label Men Scalp Purifying Shampoo, is a gentle daily cleanser for all hair types with a menthol scent to awaken your senses. The Purifying Shampoo also strengthens and thickens your hair and leaves your scalp feeling toned and refreshed. 
The Purifying Shampoo smells divine. It kind of reminds me of musky lavender. I’m not sure if it contains Lavender but it does contain Cedar Oil, so I think that’s where the musk is coming from. 
It lathered into the biggest fluffiest cloud which kind of surprised me as it is a Purifying Shampoo. 
The only let down with this was it majorly dried out my hair, and I already have dry hair as it is, but it does exactly what it’s supposed to, and my hair was incredibly clean. 
With it being a Purifying Shampoo, I would only recommend you use it once or twice a week as any more and your hair will start to produce more oil to compensate for the dryness, and that will make your hair greasier quicker. 
The Label Men Invigorating Conditioner, is a daily conditioner for all hair types that restoreds moisture balance and nourishes hair. The Invigorating Conditioner also restores hair vitality and tones and balances your scalp   
The Invigorating Conditioner, like the Shampoo also smells divine. It reminds me of a Barbers Shop mixed with Menthol. It does contain Menthol, so I get the Menthol scent but I can’t tell you where I’m getting Barbers Shop from. 
It lathered up like most conditioners do and created the biggest fluffiest cloud. Just like an ordinary conditioner. The strange thing happens once it has settled in your hair. Because of the Menthol, you get a cold tingling sensation. It’s actually quite pleasant once you get used to it but the first time it happened it really creeped me out. The strangeness doesn’t end there, again because of the Menthol when you wash it out of your hair your scalp weirdly gets colder and colder. It’s extremely trippy. 
It did leave my hair incredibly soft which was just what it needed after the Shampoo dried it out. 
I really like the Shampoo and Conditioner bottles as they’re both a tall rectangular bottle that look perfect sat on my beauty shelves. 
The Lable Men Scalp Tonic, is a soothing vitamin and mineral blend that acts as a powerful antioxidan that helps to maintain scalp health and stimulate hair growth whilst leaving a long lasting refreshing scent. It also helps to unclog and increase the activity of hair folicals that will help create thicker stronger hair. It also conditions and hydrates which will help increase your scalps elasticity. 
As with the rest of the range, this smells incredible. It again smells like a high class Barbers Shop, but with the Sugar in there it’s quite a bit sweeter. 
The consistency of the tonic is basically water, and because it is water, you usually pour out more than you need. 
It left my hair incredibly soft and bouncy. The scent lasts for ages and I couldn’t stop smelling my own hair. It’s actually quite like a hair perfume. 
The packaging is again very high class. The Scalp Tonic comes in a very tall cylindrical bottle and looks beautiful left out. The only thing I would add is a pump as a lot comes out at once and it would be nice to just get a controlled amount. 
The Label Men Thickening Tonic, is a unique gel to liquid spray that builds thickness and definition to create big matte styles that hold. It also adds texture and volume to limp hair. 
Again it smells incredible. It reminds me of a high end men’s cologne mixed with a high end moisturiser. Uh it smells so good!
This was one of the strangest hair products I’ve ever used. In the bottle it’s a solid gel, and you have to shake it up to activate it into a watery spray 
I really like it in my hair as it adds tons of volume without leaving my hair crispy, uh I hate that. 
Like the rest of the range, the packaging is gorgeous. It comes in a tall rectangular bottle which is quite different. The spray nozzle is fantastic. It sprays a really nice mist, which I like. 
The LaBel Men Deconstructer, is a versatile matte paste that creates a wide variety of styles. It also creates masses of volume, and lasting thickness with a matte look. 
Yet again, this smells incredible. It reminds me of an extremely oaphisticated cologne with a tobacco undertone  
This is a very solid block of wax, and i had a little trouble using it at first but once I started working it into my hands it turns into an extremely pliable gel. I was worried that when it was in my hair it would set to a hard wax again but it never really sets. Once you’ve styled your hair, you can even rework it if you want, which is fantastic especially during winter when the rain screws up your hair. 
The packaging is again extremely high class. It’s a small flat tub with a thick glass like plastic bottle and a metal lid. It looks fantastic left out on a shelf. 
The Label Men Sculpting Pomade, is a classic water based Pomade with a modern shine finish. It creates controlled elevated styles with adjustable hold an shine level. 
This again smells incredible. It again reminds me of a high class cologne, but with a kind of a fruitier undertone.  
The texture of the Pomade is extremely thick. If you mixed a wax and a gel together, this is what you would get. When this is in your hair it will not budge and what ever style you create, it’s locked into place. 
The packaging is again extremely high class and basically looks exactly the same as the Deconstructor. It also looks fantastic left out. 
My hair looks, feels, and most definitely smells amazing thanks to the new Label Men range, and I highly recommend you check out the entire range as soon as possible. 
If you would like to check out the fabulous range of products from Label Men, you can find everything I’ve mentioned online here
I would just like to say a massive thank you to Mankind for sending me these amazing products, and I’ll most definitely be repurchasing everything once I run out. 
Have you tried anything from Mankind or Lable Men? What do I need to try next? Please let me know down below. 

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Luke x

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  1. Those folk at Mankind are lovely – I have so many things from them to write about, still. I haven’t tried the Label Men range yet but I will keep an eye out for them when I look to stock up on more shampoo. Stephen

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