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Hi everyone, welcome to another Luke Loves Christmas post.

Todays post comes in two parts. One today, and one on Wednesday.

First, a little notice. There is an affiliate code in this post. Affiliate codes are basically a referal link. You use the link, and for anything you buy, I get a very small percentage of commission. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you any extra, it just helps me out.

Moving onto the post, it’s a mens gift guide.

All of these gifts are fragrances. Fragrances are great, as it looks like you actually took the time to think of something really personal.

I found all of these at The Fragrance Shop. They are always ridiculously cheap, and there’s always some kind of deal going on.

I’ve picked out ten fantastic scents that i’ve set into three different categories. There’s a budget, a mid ranged, and then there’s a really extravagant category. That way, there is something for everyone’s budget.

Let me start with the budget category.

First up, is the Bench 100ml EDT Gift Set.

This set contains, a 100ml EDT and a 175ml shower gel. This one contains hints of spearmint, orange, lavender, cardamon, cedarwood, and patchouli at the base, plus it’s only £15. This one is great for those tricky to buy for teenagers. It’s a very masculine and grown up scent, but at the same time very playful, so it’s great for teenagers.

The next one is the French Connection UK Late Night 100ml EDT Gift Set

This one contains a 100ml EDT, a 100ml shower gel, and then strangely a set of playing cards. The Late Night is a woody masculine scent, with base notes of vitiver, patchouil and tonka. Heart notes of lavender, clove oil and fennel, and top notes of citrus, pomegranate and pear. It’s a real manly mans scent and at only £20 it’s a steal.

Right that’s the budget category done with, let me move onto the mid-ranged ones. This category is for the man in your life you want to spend a little extra on.

First is the Calvin Klein CK1 Red Edition EDT Gift Set.

This one contains a 50ml ETD and a 100ml shower gel. The CK1 Red has base notes of sensual vetiver. Hearr notes of rich suede, and top notes of pear. This is perfect for those between twenty and twenty five years old. It is a very grown up but fun and zesty scent, and it’s only £26.50.

Next, the Hugo Boss Boss Orange Man ETD 40ml Gift Set.

In this one you get a 40ml ETD and a 100ml shower gel. This one has base notes of vanilla and wood. Heart notes of pepper and incense, and top notes of apple and coriander. This one is very manly, but very young and playful at the same time. This one is basically my signature scent. I highly recommend it. This one only costs £28.50, so it’s a great gift and it won’t break the bank.

The next one, is the Carolina Herrera 212 50ml EDT Gift Set.

This one comes with a 50ml EDT and a 100ml shower gel. This one is a very grown up and sophisticated scent, with base notes of wood and musk, Heart notes of tobacco leaf and tonka, and top notes of sweet chocolate and cocoa beans. It’s also not that badly priced at £39.50. It’s a great fragrance for that really hard to buy for over thirty year old man in your life. It’s bold but subtle at the same time, sweet and bitter, ah it’s just amazing. I can’t stop smelling it.

The last and final fragrance in the mid-range category, is the Armani Diamonds Men Rocks EDT 75ml Gift Set.

This one contains a 50ml EDT and a 20ml EDT. The title says 75ml, but according to the description there’s only 70ml. This one has base notes of garlic, vetiver and cedarwood. Heart notes of bergamot, pepper and apple and top notes of geranium, violet leaf and marine notes. This one is more of a fresh scent. It’s for the man who likes the cleaner scents, and at £41.50. I mean for what it is, it’s not that cheap, but it is an amazing smell. It reminds me of something, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Hear comes the last category and that’s the extravagant category. What I mean by this, is the fragrances that would have to be the man in your lifes main present. If one of these was left under my tree I would be jumping for joy.

The first is, the Prada Amber Pour Homme 100ml EDT Gift Set.

This one has a 100ml EDT, and a 100ml shower gel. This one has base notes of labdanum and sandalwood. Heart notes of orange blossom, musk and geranium, and top notes of mandarin orange and bergamot. This one is a more mature sweet fruity scent. It’s perfect for those anywhere between twenty five and fifty years old. It’s just a very indulgent but fruity scent, and it’s only E60.

The last one in the extravagant category, is the Givenchy Gentleman Only Intense 100ml EDT Gift Set.

This one has a 100ml EDT, an all over shampoo, and a aftershave. It doesn’t actually tell me the size so I don’t know how big the shampoo and aftershave is. This one has base notes of tonka, incense oil and skin acord. Heart notes of patchouli oil, cedarwood, and leather with a top note of green mandarin oil, pepper and birch leaf. This one is a very weird one, it’s a really masculine kind of smell, but it has something extra in there. This one is the priciest on my list at £63.50, so it’s not cheap, but it’s definitely worth the price tag.

That my friends brings us to the end. As I said, this post contains an affiliate code. If you would like to use it, just click hereI won’t be offended if you don’t.

Hopefully this gives you a few gift ideas. As I said, this post is the first part in my fragrance gift guides, there’ll be another one on Wednesday. The one on Wednesday will be all about womens fragrances.

Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

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Luke x

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