Luke Loves Christmas 2014 | Sweet Treat Gift Idea

Hi everyone, and welcome to another Luke Loves Christmas post.

Today, I am going to share with you a quick, easy, and most of all cheap gift idea. Plus, it also uses up all of your empty candle jars.

Here is what you’ll need.
1 Empty Candle Jar, the large Yankee Candle jars work best.
Candy Canes.
Chocolate Buttons.

Here’s what you do.

1. Make sure your jar has no wax residue, and is as clean as it can possibly
2. Chop the curved ends off of your candy canes and put to one side, you’ll need these later.
3. At the bottom of your jar, place your popcorn. Be sure to create a thick layer.
4. Place the long parts of your candy canes around the edge of the jar so they stand up, use the popcorn as a support.
5. Once the canes are in place, add a nice thick layer of chocolate buttons.
6. Create a thick layer of marshmallow.
7. Take the curves you chopped off earlier, and crumble them over the top of your layers.
8. Keep adding layers until you reach the top of your jar. You may need to do another round of the candy cane edging if it’s a really tall jar.
9. Add your jar lid, and if you like, tie a nice peice of ribbon around the jar. It just gives it that little something extra.

There you go, a quick, easy, and of course cheap gift. This is also perfect if you have had an unexpected gathering thrown upon you. Any host would love this, as would anyone with a major sweet tooth.

If you decide to make this, please take a picture and tag me on Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #LukeLovesChristmas. That way I can share your picture.

Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas.

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Luke x

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