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One of the reasons that I love Christmas so much, most definitely has to be all of the wonderful smelling products that get released, and as always, Lush have released their wonderful Christmas range. Now, being the Lush addict that I am, I of course had to go and give everything a little sniff and pick a few things up. Well, after giving everything a good sniff, I eventually bought the Northern Lights Bath Bomb, the Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar, a bottle of the Bubbly Shower Gel, and a block of the Shooting Stars soap, and I thought I would tell you what I thought of them.

Here’s what Lush say about the Northern Lights bath bomb, the Christmas Penguin bubble bar, the Bubbly shower gel, and the Shooting Stars soap.

A light purple offset cylindrical bath bomb, on a white background.

A picture of the Northern Lights bath bomb from Lush.

The Northern Lights Bath Bomb.

Bring the ecstatic beauty of the night’s sky into the bath with you, as trails of blue and yellow jettison from a purple casing, and dance across the water in otherworldly streams. As they do, cheerly ylang ylang bobs and weaves with sensual jasmine in the air to light up your spirits.

A triangular blue bubble bar with two small black dots for eyes, a white and yellow stomach, and a red nose.

A picture of the Christmas Penguin bubble bar from Lush.

The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar.

When it’s really chilly, Antarctic birds of a feather stick together, in big, cuddly huddles, and when there’s no one around the hug, a bath with this cute little Penguin will ensure you feel toasty. This endearing little Penguin might be flightless, but, when you give him a crumble under the tap, blankets of flipperin’ awesome foam soar out and transform your bath into a frothy landscape of blue and white crests. What’s more, you wont receive a cold reception, as Sicilian Lemon and Mandarin oils combine with sweet Bergamot to give your mood a cheery citrus boost. If someone asks to borrow yours, tell them to go fish.

A dark orange liquid in a black bottle, with Bubbly shower gel, a small description and a Lush logo written in white text on the bottle, on a white background.

A picture of the Bubbly shower gel from Lush.

The Bubbly Shower Gel.

You’ve got to pop the top, and then you’ve got to shower down, because if you believe that the bubbles can cheer you up, you can make the bathroom your playground, and soon you will also find that fresh Grape, sweet wild Orange, and Lime have brightened your mood too! This is a bucks fizz breakfast boost, that’s packed full of sweet Orange oil and fresh Grape juice, that will help your morning go off with a bang, or should that be a pop?

A rectangular block of dark faded purple soap, on a background of purple sparkles and a large golden star.

A picture of the Shooting Stars soap from Lush.

The Shooting Stars Soap.

This zesty Lime and Lemon oil soap feels just as good after lights out as it does before nights out. Lemon oil from groves on the mediterranean island of Sicily, make this soap a fantastic wake up call before heading out to party, while also providing instant cheer on a night in to yourself. Joyous colour, lustres and uplifting Bergamot oil evoke sensational shooting stars, so stroke over skin for a stream of scent as tantalising as sherbet.

I really loved the shape of the Northern Lights bath bomb, as it was kind of like a cylinder, and I think that it was supposed to look like a miniature firework, which I thought really added to the whole Bonfire Night theme they were going for.
The scent of the Northern Lights bath bomb was ok, but it wasn’t really for me, as it was extremely floral, and kind of reminded me of something my grandmother would wear. As i’ve already said, it was nice, but i’m just not a floral scents kind of a guy.
I was actually quite disappointed with the Northern Lights bath bomb, as it didn’t really do anything once I had dropped it into my bath. This was quite annoying, as part of the reason I buy a bath bomb is for it to fizz, pop, and or bang when I drop it into my bath, and this just didn’t do anything.
I absolutely loved the shape of the Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar, as it was shaped like a little cone, and really resembled a cute adorable penguin, and seeing as I love anything to do with Penguins, I really liked this.
I loved the scent of the Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar, as it was incredibly masculine, whilst still being zesty, which was perfect for when it was absolutely freezing outside and I needed a little pick me up.

The reason that I love bubble bars from Lush so much, is because they create masses and masses of bubbles without using too much of the bar, and this was no exception. The bubbles were also really silky and soft, and were perfect for relaxing with after a long day.

I thought that the Bubbly shower gel had to be the best smelling product of the entire Lush Christmas 2016 range, as it was basically like bathing with a glass of bucks fizz. I was a little apprehensive about mixing Grape with Orange as I thought that the Orange would overpower the Grape, but they actually blended extremely well together, and neither one overpowered the other. I really hope that they continue this scent, either in shower gel form, or within another product, as it smells incredible, but they probably wont.

The Bubbly shower gel was extremely thick and creamy and left my skin incredibly moisturised, which I thought was great, as I think that shower gels can sometimes be a little drying on the skin, but because of all the oils within Bubbly it made for a really hydrating shower gel. As well as it being a great shower gel, it also made a brilliant bubble bath, as the bubbles that it created were really soft and silky, which like the Christmas Penguin bubble bars bubbles, were great to relax in after a long day.

I really loved the look of the Shooting Stars soap, especially when I saw it in store, as it had little green stars running all the way through it, but unfortunately I didn’t get any of the gorgeous looking green stars in the block that I bought, which was a shame.
I absolutely adored the smell of this, as I thought that it smelt like a massive bottle of Sprite.  I know that sounds strange, but because it contained both Lime and Lemon oil, it was incredibly zesty, and was perfect to use in the morning to wake me up.

I loved the results that this gave my hands, as they have been feeling a little on the dry side lately, I think it’s because of all of the cold weather, but because this contains loads of oils it has left my hands not just intensely moisturised, but also smelling great.

Overall I would have to rate the Northern Lights bath bomb a five out of ten, the Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar a nine out of ten, the Bubbly shower gel a ten out of ten, and the Shooting Stars soap a nine point five out of ten. I was really disappointed with the Northern Lights bath bomb, as it didn’t even make a fizz when I dropped it into my bath, and as i’ve said, the overly floral scent just wasn’t for me. I did however love the Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar, because As well as loving it’s shape and design, I also loved the masculine citrus scent that it left on my skin. The Bubbly Shower Gel had to be my favourite product out of the entire range, and I absolutely loved the bucks fizz scent that it left on my skin, but the only problem I have is that it won’t be around all year, so i’m going to have to buy quite a few bottles of it so I can have it’s gorgeous scent around all year. The Shooting Stars soap also had to be another one of my favourites of the entire range, as I loved how citrusy it smelt, and the moisture it added to my hands was just incredible.

If you would like to check out either the Northern Lights bath bomb, the Christmas Penguin bubble bar, the Bubbly shower gel, or the Shooting Stars soap for yourself, then you can either pop into one of the many Lush stores up and down the country, or you can buy them online here.

Have you bought anything from the Lush Christmas 2016 range? What was it? What did you think of the entire range? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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