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As you know, i’m not the biggest fan of Halloween, but one thing I do like is all of the spooky themed products that are released, and of course Lush released their Halloween range. Now being the Lush addict that I am, I obviously had to pick up something, and after having a good sniff at the entire range, the only one I actually liked the smell of was their Boo Bath melt, and after using it, I thought I would tell you what I thought of it.

A white cone shaped bath melt, with an engraved face motif, on a white background.

A picture of the Lush Boo Bath Melt.

Here’s what Lush say about their Boo Bath Melt.

Leave your unfinished business at the door as calming Mimosa, and earthy warming Ginger coax you into the bubbly water. Your bath is this meringue-shaped ghosts favourite haunt, just pop under the running water to ensure your ghostess offers the mostest. Fair trade organic Cocoa Butter may melt away, but the effects are clear, skin feels softer, and grounding Sandalwood combines with vivid Sicilian Mandarin oil to make you feel spooktacular. Boo may look adorable, but it takes relaxing the spirits dead seriously.

I really loved the shape of Boo, but it did feel a little strange as it’s shaped like a little ghost, with a face and everything, so it was extremely weird essentially drowning a ghost, haha!
I loved the smell of this. The Mimosa was incredibly potent, so much so that I could smell it from outside it’s packaging, but I couldn’t really smell the Ginger, and unfortunately that didn’t really change once I had dropped it into my bath. Once it had eventually all melted,I wouldn’t have said that I could notice the Ginger, but it did give the Mimosa a kind of spicy undertone which I think would be great for when it gets really cold outside, and all you want is a nice warm comforting bath.

One thing I love bath melts for is their moisturising properties, and this didn’t disappoint. After using Boo my skin was intensely moisturised without being greasy. I didn’t even have to use any kind of body moisturiser afterwards it was that moisturising, which I thought was great. This also didn’t leave any kind of a film on my skin once I had gotten out of the bath, like a few of Lush’s bath melts have done in the past.

Overall I would have to rate the Lush Boo Bath Melt an nine out of ten, as I loved everything about it, from it’s smell, to how it left my skin feeling afterwards. The only things I didn’t like about it were the strangeness of killing a ghost, and it’s price, as this retails at £3.50, and I think it was a little overpriced for what it was, but other than that, it was fantastic.

If you would like to check out the Boo Bath Melt for yourself, then you can either pop into one of the many Lush stores up and down the country, or you can buy it online here. If you do want to check it out though, I recommend you get your skates on as this is a limited edition product, so it will be gone before you know it.

Have you tried the Lush Boo Bath Melt? What did you think? Have you tried anything else from the Lush Halloween range? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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