Lush Cupid’s Love Soap Review

Hi all my wonderful readers, how is everyone doing today?

The Valentines Day hype is in full swing, and that of course means one of my favourite stores, Lush, have braught out their Valentines Day range of products.

Being a big Lush fan, naturally I had to pop in tto my local Leeds branch and check out their latest offerings.

There was quite a few products I liked. Unfortunately I couldn’t justify buying even more Lush goodies. I did however justify buying another new soap.

Soaps are great from Lush. You get a lot more use out of them, they last a lot longer, and they’re also sometimes a little bit cheaper.

I ended up getting a block of Cupid’s Love.

Cupid’s Love is described as a uplifting fruity fragarant soap containing bergamot, rosewood, fresh figs, passion fruit juice and soya yoghart to nurish your skin.

This soap is amazing.

When I was in store, the assistant described the smell as ta mix of passion fruit and figs that will leave your skin smelling gorgous.

After I bought this I did a little research as to why they chose these ingrediants and apparently it’s because passion fruits and figs are aphrodiasiacs.That means they’re ment to make you more desirable to the oposite sex. I’m not that sure it makes you more desirable to the oposite sex, but the smell is to die for.

I’ve had it since the midfle of January, and i’ve only recently figured out what the scent reminds me of. Strangely it smells of apricot fromage frais yoghurts, yep, I thought it was strange too. I’m guessing that mixing fig and passion fruit together makes apricot. I mean it’s a fantastic scent, I just find it a bit weird.

The fact that yoghurt is in there is very obvious. Yoghurt for those who don’t know has quite a lot of skin nurishing properties, so to add it into a soap is ingenius. I’ve been using it for just under a month now, and my hands are the softest they’ve been in years. Winter is usually the time the skin on my hands goes awol,. It usually cracks or gets really dries out. There’s nnne of that this year, and I owe all of it to this soap.

Out of 10, I would have to give Cupid ‘s Love a massive 9.5. My skin loves it, I love it, my only gripe is it’s limited edition. Oh Lush why do you do this to me. If anyone from Lush HQ is reading, please make this a permament product. Luckily I got mine chopped up, so I have another two blocks before this little bundle of skin nurishing goodness walks out of my life.

If you want to purchase the amazing Cupid’s Love soap, you can do so here. I would do it quickly though as when Valentines Day has been and gone, Lush discontinue their range.

That my wonderful. Lush loving friends is my thoughts on the Cupid’s Love soap. Did you pick up any of this amazing soap? What did you think? What if any of the Valentines Day range did you manage to grab? Please let me know in the comments below.

Luke x

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Luke x

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