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I absolutely love relaxing with a good face mask, and I think some of my favourite face masks most definitely have to be from Lush. When I was at the Lush Leeds Spa Tales of Bath event, a nice staff member gave me a little demonstration of the face masks they had on offer. I really liked Rosy Cheeks, and I finally decided to buy it. I’ve been using it for quite a while now, and I thought I would tell you what I think of it.

A pool of Pink face mask.

A picture of the Lush Rosy Cheeks face mask.

Lush describe Rosy Cheeks, as being a soothing, cleansing face mask containing Kaolin, Calamine, and Turkish Rose Oil, to delicately soothe skin, and restore balance.

I’m not usually a Rose lover. I think it’s because i’m not really a floral scent kind of a guy, but I really like the smell of this. It’s got more of a sweet delicate Rose garden scent, rather than a sticking your face directly into a Rose scent. I think the fact that it’s a subtler Rose scent, is why I actually quite like it.

I find the texture of Rosy Cheeks to be extremely weird. It kind of reminds me of jelly when it’s on my hands, but once I apply it to my face, it turns into a thick balmy paste that sinks into my skin within seconds. It unfortunately never actually sets. It did a little around my nose and hairline, but the rest of my face was always either wet or tacky, so this probably isn’t a face mask that you can apply and move around with. It is however exceptionally easy to remove. It only took a damp face cloth a couple of wipes, and it was completely gone. I absolutely hate face masks that are like having a full on work out, just to get them off my face.

Now this is one of Lush’s fresh face masks, so you do need to store it in the fridge. I think i’ve stored it in the fridge about three times during the three months that i’ve had it, and nothings ever gone wrong with it. I just keep it in a cold, dry, dark place in my room.

I love the results that Rosy Cheeks gives me. It definitely balances my skin. I sometimes have quite an oily T-Zone , but I also have dry patches all over the rest of my face, and after one use of Rosy Cheeks my T-Zone was matte, and the dry patches were virtually non-existent. There were still a few small patches here and there, but I think that’s because I only applied a thin layer. It was nothing that a decent facial moisturiser couldn’t sort out.

Overall I would have to rate Rosy Cheeks, an eight out of ten. I love the smell, and absolutely love what it does to my skin, but i’m sorry, the texture is just plain weird. If it was a cream, or a fluid liquid, I think it would be one of my top ten favourite face masks. Another thing I don’t like is that it never sets. If i’m using a face mask, I want it to feel like I can’t move my entire face, or is that just me?

If you’re looking for a great Rose smelling face mask, that balances, brightens, and moisturises your skin, then I would highly recommend Rosy Cheeks, and if you would like to check it out for yourself, then you can either pop into your local Lush store, or you can buy it online here.

Have you checked out Rosy Cheeks? What did you think? What Lush face mask should I try next? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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