Marvellous Marzipan Magic | Lush Snowcake Soap and Snow Angel Bath Melt

I’m not usually the kind of person who likes the sweet food scents, but lately I’ve been absolutely obsessed with anything that smells of Marzipan. Luckily one of my favourite stores, Lush, had a few products that made it possible for me to walk around smelling of Marzipan goodness.
The two products that enabled me to smell like a walking talking Battenberg were the Snowcake Soap, and the Snow Angel Bath Melt, and I thought I would tell you what I thought of them.
Snowcake Soap, is described as a shimmering creamy Marzipan scented soap that contains Benzoin, to give it that rich creamy Marzipan scent, and Rose Absolute to leave your skin feeling ultra soft.
Snowcake Soap, does have a tiny bit of Gold Lustre, so be careful.
The scent is heavenly. It’s an absolute real Marzipan scent and doesn’t at all smell fake. I must admit, the creamy food scent did put me off at first, but one use and I was hooked!
The Gold Lustre is pretty much embedded in the Soap, and never ends up on your hands. Mine is nearly all used up, and I’ve never come across any glitter.
My skin absolutely loved this. During Winter my hands get incredibly dry and I usually go through several bottles of hand cream, and this year I’ve barely even gone through half a bottle, so that shows you how moisturising it is.
the Snow Angel Bath Melt, is described as a heavenly moisturiser that blankets your bath with a layer of snow with a golden glow. Snow Angel contains Cocoa Butter and Rose, to leave your skin as soft as a baby, and Benzoin to leave you with that gorgeous Marzipan scent.
This also contains Gold Lustre, so be careful.
The scent, is again absolutely gorgeous. The entire room smelt of Marzipan, and once again, it didn’t smell fake. Uh it smelt so good, if only I could get it as a fragrance!
The Gold Lustre, is pretty much just for decoration. Once Snow Angel has melted, the Gold Lustre just dissolves into the water. I have never found any of it on my skin, so it’s perfectly safe to use.
My skin absolutely loved this. The Cocoa Butter left my skin feeling so soft, I didn’t even have to use any moisturiser, and the Marzipan scent lingered on my skin all day, which was totally fine with me, god I love the smell of Marzipan.
With it being a Bath Melt, it does leave a bit of an oily film on your water, and on your skin if you’re not careful. I would also recommend you don’t wash your hair in the water, as it will leave it incredibly greasy.
I would have to rate both the Snowcake Soap and the Snow Angel Bath Melt, an nine point five out of ten.
I absolutely loved both of them. The only things I would change would be the amount of Gold Lustre. Why does everything need to be doused in glitter?
Unfortunately, both of these amazing bath time treats, are only sold during the festive period. I really hope that they decide to make them a permanent product at some point, but until they do, we’ll just have to wait until Christmas rolls around again, and stockpile them for the year.
Have you managed to try either the Snowcake Soap or Snow Angel Bath Melt? What did you think? Please let me know below.

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Luke x

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  1. They sound like lovely products Luke so it’s a shame I’ll have to wait till December to try them!
    You’ve Aldo made me decide I need a trip to lush!
    I need some of there goodies in my life!

    • lukesamsowden

      They’ve just released their Valentine’s Day range but a product I would recommend is the bright side bubble bar

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