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A little while ago, i was contacted by an extremely friendly company called Pink Cow, and asked if I would like to be sent a bottle of their moisturiser to review. After doing a little research, I agreed, as I love to find new products to use, and I was running out of my current moisturiser, so it was the perfect time to try a new one.

Pink Cow was created by Denie Heistand, a natural health consultant, author, research expert, and former successful New Zealand dairy farmer. Denie has spent decades studying the skin and the chemicals and toxins in everyday cosmetics and personal care products.He identified a strong link between the high useage of chemical personal care products and the growing rate of cancers, infertilities, allergies, homone inbalances, and other modern day illnesses.

In response to his patients requests, Denie set about creating a completely pure and natural range of skincare products that not only doesn’t contain any of the harmful additives found in the majority of commercial products, but equally importantly contain lifegiving, cell nourishing ingredients that feed and nourish the skin.

Their signature produt, The Cream was bon in 2012, and the brand has gone from strength to strength ever since.

If you’ve seen their products, you’ll have seen they all brandish a cute pink cow. Well, the reason behind this is Pink Cow support the anti-cancer efforts in womens health by offering chemical free skincare with all natural ingredients. Also, their products contain Colostrum, the first milk from happy, outdoor, grass fed, New Zealand cows.

Also on their packaging, the word Cream is upside down. That is because they are originally from down under, and they are turning the skincare world upside down with their new revolutionary formulation.

Pink Cow are the first brand to have Colostrum as their main ingrediant , with zero fillers, no added water, no parabens, no petrochemicals, no mineral oils, no alcohol, and no toxic chemicals.

Basically, if you’re looking for an all natural brand that is fantastic for your skin, then Pink Cow is for you.

I was very kindly sent a bottle of The Cream for Men.

The packaging is very typical of a men’s moisturiser. It’s a tall, thick, cylindrical bottle, with a pump at the top. The exterior is made from an extremely tough plastic, trust me I know after accidentally launching it across a room, haha! The pump is made out of a high gloss plastic that clicks when you turn it. I’m guessing this is to stop the product from leaking. The lid is made out of the same material as the bottle and clicks securely into place once placed on the bottle, which again stops any of the product leaking, uh I hate it when moisturiser leaks.

The only thing about their bottle design I don’t like, is that the pump only releases a drop or two at a time, so you need quite a few pumps to cover your entire face.

The scent kind of surprised  me. I was expecting a clean sea breezy kind of a scent, but instead it smells of biscuits and gingerbread. Yeah, I thought it was strange too. It’s a wonderful scent, but it’s not something I would expect from a men’s moisturiser.

The texture is actually quite thick rather than watery like a normal moisturiser.

The results on my skin are incredible. It mattifies with out drying out my skin, which is fantastic during the hotter moments, but it still leaves my skin looking healthy.

Out of ten, i would have to rate this an eight. It smells gorgeous, and it leaves my skin feeling and looking fantastic. It does however lose a few points because of the pump. I like to only have to pump once to cover my entire face.

If you would like to find out more about Pink Cow, then you can find everything you need here. If you would also like to purchase some of Pink Cow’s incredible moisturiser, then you can purchase it here.

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Pink Cow for sending me their wonderful moisturiser.

Have you tried anything from Pink Cow? What did you think? Please let me know down below.


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