Morrisons Spicy Chicken Pasta | The Healthy Version

Todays post is all about my favourite thing, Food!

I am a massive fan of Pasta, well any Italian Food really, in fact I’m convinced I was Italian in a past life, but that’s for another post.

One of my most loved Pasta dishes, it’s from Morrisons. It’s one of those fresh to go things. You know, one of those boxed up ready to eat things. Anyway, today I thought I would kind of rethink the recipe.

If you are in Morrisons, the Pasta I am on about is their simply named, Spicy Chicken Pasta.

This gorgeous dish is, well extremely high in calories, high in fat, and smothered in Mayonnaise Dressing. This is why I thought I would share my lower Fat version with you.

Here’s what you’ll need.
1 large packet of your chosen Pasta. A Bag over 500g is best. It’s up to you what kind of Pasta you use but either Penne or Fusili
works best.
Lots of Chicken. Left over Chicken will work, but you need a fair bit of it, you want at least a bit of Meat every few bites.
Chilli Oil, this is for the Dressing.
Pepper Corns, also for the Dressing.
A big pinch of Salt.

Here’s what you do.
1. Cook your Chicken until well done. For extra flavour, use Chicken Thighs.
2. Pull all the Meat of the Bone if you did use Thighs, and chop up into small chunks.
3. Once cooked and chopped, put to one side.
4. To a large Saucepan, add Water, and the Salt and bring to the boil.
5. Throw in your chosen Pasta, and leave to cook.
6. While your Pasta is cooking. To a bowl, add about 6 to 8 tablespoons of the Chilli Oil.
Once you’ve added the Oil to your bowl, add in two tablespoons of Peppercorns. Yes I know it seems a lot, but you are adding it to a large amount of Pasta. Once your Oil and Peppercorns are in the Bowl, make sure to mix very well. The best way is with a Fork, the Peppercorns can get stuck in your Whisk.
7. Once your Pasta is cooked. Strain the Water and add to a large Serving Bowl, add your Chicken, and mix very well, you want the Chicken to be all over the Bowl and not in one localised area.
8. Drizzle over the Oil and give that a quick mix, and your ready to serve.

There you go, a much healthier version of my favourite Pasta Dish. This is great either as Lunch, or as a little side dish. If you’re having it as a Meal, I would suggest a nice little slice of Cheesy Garlic Bread, there is of course healthier options to Garlic Bread, but you can’t really beat Garlic Bread, can you?

If you do make this, please send me your thoughts and pictures on Twitter or Instagram. Just remember to use the hashtag #LukeSamSowden so I can share your lovely creation.

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Luke x

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