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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post all about the Post Boxing Day Sales, and in the above mentioned post, I told you of the fantastic sale going on at Love Aroma. Now, being a massive candle addict, naturally I had to pick up something. After much deliberation, I finally settled on two of the Yankee Candles large jar candles, one in Red Apple Wreath, and the other in Candy Cane Lane. Now that i’ve had them burning for a little while, I thought it was about time I gave you my thoughts.

Firstly, let me apologise. Unfortunately, you can no longer purchase either of these as they’re part of Yankee Candles christmas range. That means, that once christmas is over and done with, they get discontinued. Don’t worry though, they do release them every year, so if you didn’t manage to grab them this time, there’s always next year.

Let me start with the Red Apple Wreath.

Yankee Candles Red Apple Wreath


As wih all Yankee Candles large jar candles, this came in the classic glass jar. Is it strange that it reminds me of an old sweet jar, y’know the kind you used to get from classic sweet shops?

The Red Apple Wreath scent, is quite unusual. I’ve never actually smelt a wreath, so I couldn’t tell you if it does actually smells like a wreath. I am ,however, a lover of apple scents. For years, i’ve been looking for a true apple scent, that doesn’t smell artificial, and with this one i’ve finally found it. It does obviously smell of apples, but there’s also some kind of spice included. I’m sure it’s cinnamon, but I could be wrong. This one is definitely more of a mans kind of scent. It has that perfect combination of sweet and fruit, but at the same time, very woodsy. If you’re looking for something both men and women will enjoy, I highly reccommend this.

With all Yankee Candles, the reason I love them, is because of their throw of scent. I love that it completely fills the room, and leaves it smelling, just perfect. The Red Apple Wreath, leaves your room smelling as if you’ve been sitting next to the fire, with a nice glass of apple cider. Uhh it’s just wonderful.

Overall, I would have to give the Red Apple Wreath, an 8 out of 10. It loses a point or two, mainly because it is a little overpowering. I can’t leave it burning for too long, but I do love it, and i’ll be really sad when it all runs out.

That’s the first candle done, let me move onto the second, Candy Cane Lane.

Yankee Candle Candy Cane Lane


Now, as with the Red Apple Wreath, this one also comes in the same kind of classic glass jar. Which is quite handy, as it makes the candle look fantastic when it’s sat on my windowcill.

The scent, which as the name suggests, is of candy canes. For those who don’t know, is a mix of sweet vanilla and peppermint. It’s that perfect kind of mint, not too subtle, but it’s strong enough that it doesn’t give you a headache. Strangely i’m not that big of a mint fan, but I find this scent to die for.

The throw of this one is extremely powerful. Most Yankee Candles take a good hour to fill the room, but this one only takes about 15 minutes, which is fantastic because I don’t have to keep it burning for ages, and it’ll last me twice as long.

My marks out of 10 for this one, would have to be a 9.5. I am absolutely in love with this scent. In fact, i’m actually quite annoyed I only bought one. Other than that, there’s nothing more I can say. In fact, next year, i’m considering buying at least three or four, just so I never run out of this amazing scent.

There you go, my thoughts on the two amazing Yankee Candle christmas scents I bought. I’m a massive fan of Yankee, they’ve actually just released a sort of calming range. I’ll definitely have to buy at least one of each of the new collection, for review purposes of course, ha.

Did you get either of these fantastic scents? Or, did you get any other fantastic scents from their christmas range? If you did, please let me know in the comments. I would love to know what you managed to get.

Luke x

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Luke x

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