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Hi all my wonderful readers. How is everyone doing?

A couple of weeks ago, I was very kindly invited by Nation of Shopkeepers to come and try out their new brunch menu, and I thought I would tell you what happened, and what I thought.

After wondering around Leeds City Centre for ages trying to ffind the restaurant. We finally tracked it down, god knows how we managed to miss it because the outside was huge.

View Of Outside From Inside Of Nations Of Shopkeepers

Once we figured out which of it’s many doors was the entrance, we made our way inside.

After navigating a few steps, we were greeted by an extremely friendly woman who asked us if we were ok, and if she could help. We explained that we had been invited to try out the new brunch menu. She said hi, and that there was a little problem. Due to an unforseen issue, the brunch menu hadn’t launched yet but we were more than welcome to try out anything from the full menu.

Nation of Shopkeepers Menu

Once she had guided us to our table with two of the most comfiest chairs on the planet, uh I could have gone to sleep there, she left us to look at the menu.

We had a little look at the menu and decided on what we were having to drink. We both opted for coke as neither of us really drink. The service is bar service, which took us a little while to realise, but once we did Jamie went and ordered.

Nation of Shopkeepers Coke Nation Of Shopkeepers Bar

Once he returned, we started choosing our meals.

I decided to go for a Rib Burger with Pineapple Slaw, and Jamie went for a Chicken and Rib Combo. The woman arrived and took our order. After a few minutes she returned and said, due to a delivery delay they couldn’t serve Jamie’s meal, so he changed his mind to Mac & Cheese with Chorizo and Pineapple Slaw. Then after another couple more minutes she returned to say that they could serve Jamie’s original meal, but they had no rib steaks for my burger. That’s when we decided to go for Jamie’s order but as a sharing platter, the Kickin’ Chicken & Bourbon Glazed Ribs Combo. She said that would be fine and as a consolation she would bring us all of the sides that they serve.

While we were waiting for our food, I started looking around the restaurant. It was extremely modern, but with a touch of boho. I especially liked the massive pig that was sat behind me, yes a pig, haha!

Nation of Shopkeepers Light Up Pig

Not sure if this is showing my age, but I had absolutely no idea who any of the music was by. Jamie did, but I didn’t. It definitely added to the whole boho indie vibe they had going on.

A good 20-25 minutes passed and our food arrived. Oh god there was a lot. There was that much food, it covered the entire four seater table we had. Oh god there was so much food.

All Of Our Food At Nation of Shopkeepers

We ended up with 4 Kickin’ Chicken Thighs.
A Full Rack of Bourbon Glazed Ribs.
Grilled Pineapple.
BBQ Beans.
Corn on the Cob.
Tempura Vegetables and Chipotle Jam.
All of this was meant to serve two, yes two, but it could have easily served four, or maybe even more


The Kickin’ Chicken are chicken thighs coated in spicy breadcrumbs. It put me in mind of a seriously upscale KFC but obviously much better. The chicken was lovely and tender, it just fell off of the bone. I hate it when you have to fight with a chicken bone just to get a tiny piece of meat. It was cooked to perfection. I could have eaten a plate full of the chicken on it’s own it was that good.

Nation of Shopkeepers Bourben Ribs

The Bourbon Glazed Ribs were to die for. You could tell the ribs had been left to marinade for as long as possible. Like the chicken, the meat just fell off of the bone. The meat was so soft and tender. The glaze added just the right flavour. The bourbon added a kind of a sweet yet sour taste to the ribs. It didn’t actually taste of alcohol, it was just a sweet sticky salty sauce, uh it was gorgeous!

I wasn’t really a fan of the Grilled Pineapple. I’m usually a massive fan of pineapple but this had a really strange taste to it. It wasn’t really my cup of tea, but Jamie seemed to like it so that’s something.

The BBQ Beans were actually quite a surprise. At first glance they just looked like ordinary baked beans, but dive into them and they have a sweet and sticky BBQ sauce instead of tomato. That wasn’t the only surprise with the beans, they also had little pieces of pork at the bottom. It took us a couple of bites to realise that there was more than just beans in there. Quite a good twist on something so ordinary.

The Fries were to die for. It’s actually quite hard to get a fry right. They either come out too crispy or not crispy enough but they managed to pull off the perfect fry. It was crispy on the outside, and light and fluffy on the inside. Uh I could have eaten those all day.

Nation of Shopkeepers Corn On The Cob

The Corn on the Cob was massive. They had smothered it in garlic butter so it had made all the corn nice and soft. I couldn’t really taste the garlic which is a shame as I am a massive garlic lover, but other than that it was amazing.

Nation of Shopkeepers Tempura Veg with Chipotle Jam

The Tempura Vegetables were very interesting. It was basically deep fried vegetables. I wasn’t entirely sure what kind but the taste was fantastic. I think there may have been onions in there but i’m not too sure. I could only have two of these as they were incredibly heavy.

The Chipotle Jam was different. I was expecting it to be extremely spicy but it was actually quite mild. I am a wuss when it comes to spice so if I could handle it anyone can. The only way I can describe it is like a nextremely bitter raspberry jam. It was the perfect accompliment to the hard saltiness of the batter from the tempura vegetables.

The Poutine was a very strange concoction. It was essentially fries with cheese and gravy. Now if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll already know my issues with cheese. Jamie loved it but it wasn’t for me. I had to ask him to move it because the smell alone was making me want to throw up.

After eating all that, the extremely friendly woman we saw before came and took our plates away. We chatted a little as she did and she said that after we had let our food settle we should go and order dessert.

After looking at all the to die for desserts, we finally settled on what we were having. I opted for one of my favourites, Cherry Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream, and Jamie went for the Choc Chip and Peanut Butter Cookie Tower.

After about a 20 minute wait, which was just what we needed to let all that food settle, the desserts arrived.

Nation of Shopkeepers Cherry Pie with Vanilla Ice -Cream

The Cherry Pie was perfect. I’ve tried a fair few in my time and this has to be one of my top three. The pastry was crispy but not too crispy at the same time. The filling was gorgeous. It was actual cherries and not some cherry jam. I hate it when restaurants say Cherry Pie and it’s really a jam tart. They even left some of the filling on the side. The Vanilla Ice Cream was out of this world. You could tell it was real vanilla and not some flavouring crap. You got the right amount of ice cream. Not too much that your plate was swimming but enough that you get that hot and cold sensation from the piping hotness of the pie and the ice coldness of the ice cream. Oh it was amazing!

Nation of Shopkeepers Choc Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Tower with Ice-Cream

I didn’t actually taste any of Jamies because of an aversion to peanuts I have but he said it was gorgeous. It was basically layers of choc chip cookie, peanut butter and vanilla and whiskey ice cream. It didn’t really appeal to me but it did look very tempting.

After all or that food I could barely move. I saw this as a good point. It probably wasn’t but I wasn’t complaining, haha!

All of the food was out of this world and I would highly recommend you check Nation of Shopkeepers out if you haven’t already.

I had a fantastic time and I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Nation of Shopkeepers for having us, especially the really helpful woman we met. I unfortunately didn’t catch her name but she knows who she is.

I had an awesome time and you will too so please check them out as soon as you can.

Have you been to Nation of Shopkeepers? What did you think? I’m curious, what’s your favourite dessert? Please let me know down below.

Luke x

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Luke x

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