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After over 10 years, The Broadway Bradford has finally opened, and i was kindly invited to be one of the first people to wonder around the humongous new shopping centre.
Both me and Jamie arrived quite early to all the new staff buzzing around making sure everything was ready for the grand launch. Once we had found a really nice member of staff, he kindly lead us to where we were supposed to be. We checked in and a really nice woman handed us a press pass and a little leaflet containing a floor plan. After all that we just wondered around.
The opening wasn’t until 10am so that meant we couldn’t actually go into any of the stores, but we could look around and figure out what stores were where.
After we had wondered around for a little while, we met up with a few fella bloggers, Kellie and Laura. After chatting for a little, we decided to wonder around again.
At about 9:15 we were all asked to congregate in the main entrance hall for the opening ceremony. After about 10 minutes a very nice but loud woman introduced herself and started telling us all about the new shiny centre. After she had finished, she introduced a man from Westfield, I’m convinced he was Australian. He told us all about the process of launching the centre, he also managed to say project about twenty times. After he had finished, he introduced the Lord Mayor, and he talked about how Broadway had brought the soul back to Bradford. He then went on to thank everyone who had made Broadway possible. Lastly he introduced a woman councilor who had been working on Broadway. She told us how happy she was. After all the speeches had finished, the woman who started introducing everyone introduced the entertainment which came in the form of The X Factor winner Alexandra Burke. After a short interview she treated us to a little performance, you’ll see a little of it in my upcoming vlog. After she had finished, it was time for the inside ribbon cutting. There was also an outside cutting. We could either go outside and watch,or take advantage of the quiet, which we obviously did. We decided to head straight to Costa for a Christmas drink. We both got the Black Forest Hot Chocolate, ohh I have to get another one of those!
You probably already know that I’m a bit of a shopaholic, and I’m really excited that Broadway Bradford has finally opened. Especially seeing as how it has quite a few stores and restaurants that have never been in Bradford before.
Bradford hasn’t had a major department store in over 20 years, and now it has two in the form of Debenhams and Marks and Spencers.
Among the 81 other stores there is also, Next, The Body Shop, Boots, Taco Bell, Burger King, Paperchase, Superdry, H&M,Menkind, Carphone Warehouse, Love Coffee, MooBoo Bubble Tea,River Island, Mr Pretzels, and lots lots more.
There’s something for everyone!
I definitely think Broadway has brought the soul back to Bradford, as it’s now as busy and bustling than ever before.
With the launch of Broadway Bradford and other fantastic developments that are currently in the works, I can see Bradford being one of the busiest cities in Yorkshire.
If you want an amazing shopping experience, I highly recommend you come to the Broadway Bradford.
Have you visited the Broadway Bradford yet? What did you think? Please let me know in the comments below.

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Luke x

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