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If you’re subscribe to my channel, if not, why not? You may have seen when I popped into The Yorkshire Soap Company, I managed to come home with a little friend, and I thought I would tell you all about him. 
I’m aware i sound absolutely bonkers talking about a block of soap like it’s a person, but when i saw this adorable little Gingerbread Man sitting on a shelf missing half of his glitter, I knew he had to be mine. 
The Gingerbread Man Novelty Soap is described as a sweet and spicy Christmas soap that not only leaves your hands smelling of Ginger and Christmas Spice, but also leaves your hands feeling incredibly soft and moisturised. 
I absolutely love the shape. Gingerbread is one of my favourite Christmas treats, and this looks exactly like a gormet biscuit you could easily find in a high class bakery. 
The smell is gorgeous. It does remind me of Gingerbread, but with all of the Spices in there it makes it smell like Chai Tea, and I for one don’t mind my hands smelling of Chai Tea. Uhh! It smells so good. 
It does have a little bit of glitter on the front to give it its Gingerbread Man look, and I was a little concerned I would get it all over my hands. I’m happy to report that none of the glitter has come off, which is good. 
After using this for nearly a month now, my hands are so soft and moisturised, and more importantly, glitter free. 
Out of ten I would rate this an eight point five. The only reason it’s not a ten is because of all the glitter, but other than that I highly recommend you pick up your very own Gingerbread Man. 
If you do want a Gingerbread Man of your very own, you can either purchase one from your local Yorkshire Soap Company store, or you can purchase it online here. 
Did you purchase a Gingerbread Man yourself? What did you think? What’s your favourite Yorkshire Soap Company product? Please let me know below. 

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Luke x

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