The Accessible Path | The NRS Healthcare’s Free Accessibility Guide to The UK’s National Parks

One of my favourite things to do during the Summer is to explore new and interesting places. But with me being visually impaired, it usually becomes quite difficult, as not all of the places that I would like to visit are fully accessible. That’s why when I had heard that the guys over at NRS Healthcare had released a free accessibility guide to the UK’s National Parks to celebrate National Parks Week, I obviously had to tell you all about it.

What NRS Healthcare say about themselves.

We are a market leading and award winning provider of products and services designed to support independent living, and our comprehensive range includes daily living aids, mobility equipment, disability equipment, and therapeutic resources.

We have a heritage of over sixty five years, and have unparalleled expertise in marketing Daily Living Aids and Disability Aids for older people, children and their carers, and disabled people.

We are also an award winning member of the British Healthcare Trades Association, BHTA, and abide by it’s Code of Practise. The BHTA Code of Practise is recognised by the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme, which is managed by the Trading Standards Institute.

What is National Parks Week?

National Parks Week, is the National Parks family’s annual celebration of everything that’s unique and wonderful about the UK’s fifteen National Parks, that runs from the 24th July to the 30th July 2017.

A large rectangular light blue box that has walking is the most popular activity in the National Parks with 40% visitors written in black and white writing on it.

A picture of the NRS Healthcare’s free accessibility guide to the UK’s National Parks logo.

What’s inside the NRS Healthcare’s free accessibility guide to the UK’s National Parks?

The NRS Healthcare’s free accessibility guide to the UK’s National Parks includes a series of maps highlighting areas across the UK that has been designated National Parks, with each area boasting at least one activity that you can get involved in, whether you suffer from a mental health issue, reduced mobility, or have a visual impairment, and includes a variety of activities, such as Miles without Styles, an initiative across the country of trails that enable those in a Wheelchair or those with limited mobility to move around safely, easy access Beaches, hire of all-terrain vehicles and specially adapted bicycles, opportunities to learn to sail, canoe, or kayak on accessible boats, and centres that offer events for differently abled children and adults to experience outdoor adventures.

The guide also highlights a number of products that can enable people to navigate and enjoy the UK’s National Parks more easily.

Why I like the NRS Healthcare free accessible parks guide.

I really like the NRS Healthcare’s free accessibility guide to the UK’s National Parks, as I think that it includes a lot of really useful information for people with a disability to enjoy the wonder and beauty of some of the UK’s National Parks. It also makes me want to visit quite a number of the National Parks for myself, and sample some of the amazing activities that they have on offer. I mean who wouldn’t want to learn how to sail or Kayak?

If you would like to check out the NRS Healthcare’s free accessibility guide to the UK’s National Parks for yourselves, then you can download it as a PDF from their website here.

All the information in this post was provided by NRS Healthcare, but all thoughts, opinions, and general ramblings are my own.

Have you visited one of the UK’s National Parks lately? Which one was it? Did you enjoy yourselves? Please let me know down below.

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