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I am an absolute wuss when it comes to spicy food and trying anything new, but I’m gradually trying to change that. That’s why when the amazing people over at Bundobust in Leeds invited me down to try their new menu dishes, I thought I would give them a try.
Bundobust, was launched in July 2014, and is a collaboration between Prashad, Gordon Ramsay’s Great British Restaurant finalists, and the Sparrow Beer Cafe. Bundobust is not a restaurant, it’s a bar that sells Indian street food with an extensive selection of the worlds best craft beer.
Bundobust’s food is influenced by the vibrant street food of India.
The first thing I ordered was a drink, and thinking everything was going to be extremely hot, I ordered a Mango Lassi.
This is a mix of fresh juicy Mango juice, and fresh Yogurt.
Even though I’m a massive Mango lover, i had never tried one, and now I’m hooked. If anyone knows where I can buy a massive bottle of it, please let me know.
After about twenty minutes of me sipping my drink, the food started to arrive.
The first dish was Biryani Bhaji Balls.
This is Arancini meets Biryani. Fried Rolled Rice is flavoured with whole spices and Rose and is served in a richly spiced Tomato sauce.
I have tried Arancini before and didn’t like it but I thought I would give it another try. Unfortunately I still didn’t like it. It tasted gorgeous, but it’s the texture I didn’t like. I really enjoyed the Tomato sauce though.
The next dish was Paneer and Mushroom Tikka.
This is Paneer, which is a kind of Cheese, Mushrooms, and Peppers marinated in Yoghurt Curd and Tikka, this is then barbecued and served with a Red Pepper ketchup and Spinach chutney.
Due to my weird eating habits, I didn’t touch the Paneer or the Mushrooms but the ketchup and chutney was to die for. The Red Pepper ketchup was a really nice twist on a classic sauce, and the Spinach chutney was something i had never tried before and am now a massive lover.
The next dish was Tarka Dhal and Rice.
This is a classic mixed Lentil Curry cooked with a Cumin, Garlic, and Chilli tempered oil and is served with Basmati Rice.
This one I absolutely devoured. I loved the spice and this is coming from someone who can’t handle much spice. It was spicy enough that your tastebuds noticed it, but not enough to kill them. I liked it that much that I’m definitely going back again as soon as I can for more.
The next dish was Punjabi Kadhi.
This is a warm Yogurt soup cooked with Onions, Coriander Seeds, and Ginger, and is served with Gobi Bhaji dumplings.
Again because of my strange eating habits, I didn’t eat the dumplings, but the soup was gorgeous. The best way I can describe it is warm Raita sauce, but with a spicy undertone. I would recommend getting this after something extremely spicy as its very refreshing.
The last and final dish was Chole Bhatura.
This is Chickpeas cooked in a rich Onion and Tomato sauce, and is served with a soft Indian Flatbread.
This was my favourite dish of the night. It was basically chunky Hummus, and Hummus is something I could eat with every meal. The Flatbread was so soft that it fell to bits in my mouth.
One of Bundobust’s major selling points is that everything is vegetarian and most dishes are Gluten free, some dishes do contain Nuts, so do keep that in mind. If you do have any specific dietary requirements then just tell the wonderful and helpful team and they’ll sort everything out for you.
As I said I’m not the biggest fan of Indian, or spicy food but after visiting Bundobust, I’m converted. I mean I’m not going to order the hottest dish on the menu, but I like it more than i did.
If you enjoy Indian food, or you’re a vegetarian and are looking for some interesting dishes, then I highly recommend you check out Bundobust.
You can find Bundobust on Mill Hill in Leeds, a once derilect street that thanks to places like Bundobust is being brought back to life.
I would just like to say a massive thank you to Bundobust for having me.
Have you checked out Bundobust? What’s your favourite Indian dish? Please let me know below.

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Luke x

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  1. hi
    I just read this post, late at stumbling on your blog 🙂
    I’m from India and I’m glad you love Chole Bhatura!
    and the tadka dal and rice!
    their are many more things to eate in India haha!

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