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I’m always looking for products that will tame my incredibly wild beard. That’s why when OSMO very kindly asked me if I would like to try out their Beard Complex, I of course said yes. Well i’ve been using it for a little while now, and I thought that I would tell you what I thought of it.

Here’s what OSMO say about themselves.

OSMO, is a leading UK collection of professional haircare and styling products, that’s designed to give stylists the power to create with it’s diverse and extensive product range.

OSMO products not only perform well, but create an impactful visual statement in any retail or salon space. The striking packaging, irresistible fragrance, and excellent product performance, ensures that all clients are satisfied with their look.

A black cylindrical bottle with a black pipette, that has some white writing and a white rectangular logo on it, on a black background.

A picture of the OSMO Beard Complex.

Here’s what OSMO say about their Beard Complex.

An intense gentleman’s conditioning oil, that’s designed to restore wayward beards, skin, and hair to their manly prime.

The OSMO Beard Complex is also infused with Argan oil, is rich in Vitamins A and E, deeply nourishes beards, skin and hair, and can be applied to tattoos to help bring their colours back to life.

It’s scent.

I really liked it’s scent, as I thought that it had a really nice citrus yet woody scent to it, that was extremely invigorating.

Its consistency.

This was an oil based serum, so it did feel rather oily, but it was actually quite thick, and felt more like a combination between a balm and a serum when I first felt it. Then when I started to use it  it actually became a little bit more watery, and was really easy to massage into my beard.

What it did to my beard and skin.

I really liked what this did to my beard, as I thought that it left it feeling incredibly soft, whilst also leaving the skin under and around it extremely moisturised.

I have also used this as a facial serum, and thought that it left my skin feeling incredibly soft and moisturised, whilst also controlling my oily T-Zone. It did however slightly break me out the first couple of times that I used it though, and left my skin feeling a little greasy for a few moments afterwards.

It’s packaging.

I really liked it’s packaging, as I thought that it came in an extremely high quality thick glass bottle, with a really long pipette. The only thing that I didn’t like about it’s packaging however, was that the pipette didn’t really suck up any of the product from inside the bottle.

Overall I would have to rate the OSMO Beard Complex, an eight point five out of ten. I loved everything about this, from it’s really nice citrus woody scent, to it’s consistency, and even what it did to my beard and skin, but I thought that it’s pipette really let it down, as it was absolutely pointless, and would have been better as a pump rather than a pipette.

If you would like to check out the OSMO Beard Complex for yourselves, then you can find out where to buy it from, online here.

I was sent a bottle of the OSMO Beard Complex to review, but all thoughts, opinions, and general ramblings are my own.

Have you ever tried the OSMO Beard Complex? What did you think of it? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. I’ve got this one to try once I finish my Swagger & Jacks beard oil – had a good sniff when it arrived and if it conditions as well as it smells I think I’ve got a winner. Stephen

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