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This past Monday Jamie had the day off of college, and seeing as how it was quite a nice day for a change, we decided to pop into Leeds and have a wander around. When I say a nice day, what I actually mean is that it was one of those just getting into Spring days where one minute I was quite warm, and the next it was freezing. I wanted to feel comfy while walking around Leeds, but I also wanted something where I could be cool when it would be warm, and warm when it was cold. From head to toe, here’s what I wore.

Outfit Of The Day | Transitional Comfort
French Connection FC92 Glasses  from Specsavers. I love these. They’re so funky but at the same time they’re still classic enough that I can wear them with anything.

Woolovers Unisex V-Neck Cardigan and Jacamo Dallas Basic Crew Neck T-Shirt

WooloCashmere and Marino Unisex V-Neck Cardigan  from Woolovers . This is so soft and warm but thin enough that it’s perfect for Spring .

Jacamo Teal Dallas Basic Crew Neck T-Shirt from Jacamo . I love the feel of these basic t-shirts, they’re so soft and come in so many colours.

Crosshatch Light Washed Belted Jeans

Crosshatch Light Washed Belted Jeans from Burton. I love the fit of these, they’re so  comfy.

Base London Spy Chucker Boots
Base London Black Spy Chucker Boots from Schuh. I love the pointed toes on these. It makes an entire outfit look ultra smart with half the effort.

That’s what I wore to walk around Leeds on an almost Spring day.

What did you think of my outfit? What would you add or change? Please let me know down below.

Luke x

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