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By now you all know my major addiction to candles. I don’t know if it’s something to do with the fact that i’m visually impaired, but I like things that smell good, and when I stumbled upon Flamingo Candles  monthly subscription box I was like, i’m having that haha!

For the extremely low price of £10 a month, Flamingo Candles  will send you eight wonderful smelling wax melts that are either new, just about to launch, or are already part of their massive collection. They even give you a wax burner in your first box so you’re all ready to start burning as soon as you receive your box.

I received my first ever box last week, and even though I have only burnt a couple of them. I thought I would tell you what I got in my first ever Melt Crowd box..

A few of these aren’t actually out yet, so there’s no description about them unfortunately.

Flamingo Candles March 2016 Melt Crowd Contents and Melt Warmer

Spring Break. This one isn’t out yet, but it has a very manly scent. Kind of like a mens deodorant. It’s a nice scent but I don’t know if I would actually buy it.

Ylang Ylang and Bergamot. This one isn’t out yet either, but I definitely smell the Bergamot. I can smell the Ylang Ylang, but it’s very much in the background.

Spearmint. This is available in a Scent Egg. As the name suggests Spearmint is really minty, and it doesn’t smell that strong that it reminds you of toothpaste.

Bunny Kisses. This is a mix of tangy Rhubarb, and creamy Custard. I’m not too sure on this one. The scent smells a little funny to me. I do like the packaging and shape though. It’s shaped like one of the Lindt gold bunnies, and it’s wrapped in gold foil too, all it’s missing is a minature bell, and it would be just like one.

French Lime Blossom. This one isn’t out yet either. It didn’t really have a scent in the box, well it had an extremely faint Lime scent, but I guess it’ll get stronger when I burn it.

Mango & Dragon Fruit. Mango & Dragonfruit is exotic and punchy combining Lily, Rose, Jasmine, Peach Snaps, Sweet Orange, Melon, Mango, and Apple. I really like this one. It was extremely fruity, and it’s my perfect kind of scent.

Easter Egg. This one isn’t available either, which is strange being that it’s an Easter limited edition. It’s extremely chocolaty and extremely sweet. I like it but I don’t know if I could burn it for too long.

Very Vanilla. This one isn’t available yet either. It does smell of Vanilla but to me it smells more like White Chocolaty..

There you go, that’s what came in my March 2016 Melt Crowd. I have to say, there’s a few hits and misses, but overall i’m extremely impressed. If you would like to get your very own Flamingo Candles  Melt Crowd box, then you can check them out online here.

Did you get the Flamingo Candles  March 2016 Melt Crowd? What did you think? What other subscription boxes should I get next? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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