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A couple of weeks ago, me and Jamie were very kindly invited down to Pastille Leeds for a bloggers tea party, it was to celebrate their 3rd birthday, and after having an amazing time, I thought I would tell you all about it.

As well as going with Jamie, we also went with the amazingly talented Michelle, who took all of the pictures in this post, so if you like what you see, please go show her some love.

Once we had all met in Leeds and had a little bit of a catch up, we headed straight to the beautiful Pastille Leeds salon. We decided that it would be better to use Leeds Station’s new south entrance, as it was a lot closer to the salon than the north entrance that we usually use. The only trouble was that we had absolutely no clue where it was, but after a little wandering around, we finally found it and set off to the salon. Once we had figured out where we were, the next challenge was finding the salon itself, which wasn’t an easy task, but eventually we found it and headed on in.

Once we had entered the vibrant and buzzing Pastille Leeds salon, we were all greeted by one of Pastille Leeds’ friendly staff. She said hello, ad asked us if we would like a glass of bubbly? Of course we all said yes. With our glasses in hand, we started to wander around the beautiful salon.

I started to feel a little strange, so Jamie and Michelle left me to sit down for a couple of minutes whilst they went and took some pictures and talked to a few of the other bloggers who were also at the party.

As well as celebrating their 3rd birthday, Pastille Leeds had also invited a few local businesses to come and show us their amazing products. There was Borrowed Couture, who lend out the most beautiful dresses for that special occasion you want to go to, Sweet Designs, a jewelry brand that uses nail varnish to create some truely unique pieces, and Sugar Crush Bakes, who make the most delectable sweet treats i’ve ever seen. Sugar Crush Bakes also made all of the yummy treats that we were eating at the party.

A black Brownie, with white cream, on a grey background.

A picture of the Sugar Crush Bakes Mint Chocolate Brownie from the Pastille Leeds 3rd birthday bloggers tea party.

Sugar Crush Bakes truly outdid themselves with all the yummy treats they had created, as there were some Mint Chocolate Brownies, Rocky Road, Mini Eton Messes, and some gorgeous Lemon Curd Scones on offer.

The Mint Chocolate Brownies were to die for, as they were just heavenly and perfectly made. I think the little Mint Chocolate on top of the Brownies was the perfect finishing touch. The Mini Eton Messes, though a little difficult to eat, were delicious. I’m not a massive meringue lover, so the little meringue shards were just the right amount for me. I did find it a little strange that it was full of Strawberries, and then had a random Cherry on the top of it, but like the Mint Chocolate, it was the perfect finishing touch. The Rocky Road was out of this world, and was basically bits of Popcorn, Marshmallow, and Chocolate, all held together with the thickest layer of Caramel I had ever seen. It was extremely messy, but all the best treats are, haha! The Lemon Curd Scone was amazing. I think that the Lemon Curd was the perfect acumpliment rather than Strawberry Jam as it cut threw the Cream and Scone perfectly. Sugar Crush Bakes, also do Weddings, Birthdays, and Tea Parties, so if you’re after a great selection of treats, that your guests will remember, then I highly recommend you check them out.

Some nude Rocky Roads, in pink cases, on a grey background.

A picture of the Sugar Crush Bakes Rocky Road from the Pastille Leeds 3rd birthday bloggers tea party.


After we had eaten a lot of the treats, Jamie and Michelle decided to get their nails done, so they left me near all the nail varnish, is it strange that I actually like the smell of nail varnish?, and I got talking to one of our good blogging friends, Katie. We just talked about the party, social media, and general life things.

After Jamie and Michelle had gotten their nails done, we all, me, Jamie, Michelle, and Katie, just chatted for a bit, and after a little while, I finally decided to get my nails done too. Well, we were in a nail salon, so it would be pretty rude not to right? Michelle found me a really nice colour. It was a kind of pearly white, with a kind of pinky hue. Once I had my colour, Essie Kisses & Bisis for anyone asking, I sat down at one of the available tables. I’m not sure who did my nails but she was excellent. She buffed and filed my nails to with in an inch of their life, and then applied a couple of coats of the varnish. She was extremely friendly, and as I had never had my nails done before, she talked me through every step and made sure it felt ok.

My nails painted with some pearly nail varnish.

A picture of my painted nails at the Pastille Leeds 3rd birthday bloggers tea party.

Once my nails were done, Jamie lead me back to where everyone was chatting, and we chatted for a little more. We noticed that the party was drawing to a close, so we gathered our things, said our thank you’s and goodbye’s, and started to head off. Before we could go, we were handed a little goodie bag full of vouchers and samples, and the lovely woman from Sugar Crush Bakes said that we could take some of the cakes home with us. I ended up with a Rocky Road, and one of the delicious Lemon Curd Scones, which were amazing with a nice cup of tea later on.

I would just like to thank Pastille Leeds for having me, Jamie, and Michelle, and if you’re looking for a great place to get your nails done. I highly recommend you check them out.

Have you checked out Pastille Leeds? What did you think? What’s your favourite colour to have on your nails? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. Great post, the cake pictures are making me crave her baking again! Lovely to see you again and hopefully we’ll see each other at another event soon ? xx

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