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A couple of weeks ago I was kindly asked by Neals Yard Remedies if I would like to come down to their Leeds store to check out a few of their natural and organic products, of course I accepted, you know me and beauty stores, haha! I’ve just got home from their amazing Leeds store, and while everything is fresh in my mind, I thought I would tell you what went down.

Neals Yard Remedies, was started in 1981 by Romy Fraiser, and their first ever store was opened in a disused area of Covent Gardens, London. The store offered dried herbs, homeapathic remedies, essential oils, Bach Flower remedies, and a range of toiletries based on herbs and essential oils. In 1985 they opened a small factory in South London to meet the increasing demand, and in 1986 they opened another two stores, and they have gone from strength to strength ever since by adding a further 38 stores, 64 therapy rooms, and over 400 stockists in the UK, including concessions in John Lewis, Boots, and Waitrose. Neals Yard Remedies hasn’t just had success in the UK, it also has branches all over the world including, Japan, USA, Canada, Greece, Norway, Australia, and many more.

In 2005, Neals Yard


Remedies was sold to Peter Kindersly, former publisher and owner of Sheepdrove, and moved to their new purpose built eco-factory in Gillingham, Dorset. In 2008, Neals Yard Remedies became the first ever highstreet retailer to be certified carbon neutral.

As you can see by the little history lesson, Neals Yard Remedies not only believe in natural organic health and beauty products, but they’re also helping to save the planet, a good brand all round I think.

Anyway after arriving at their lovely store in Victoria Quarter, both me and Jamie were greeted by all the wonderful and friendly staff who offered us a drink. As well as there being water, a chocolate drink, and a really healthy cucumber smoothie from Filmore and Union, there was also Prosecco. I probably shouldn’t be drinking at four in the afternoon, slippery slope Luke, but that’s what I did haha! Once one of the lovely staff had gotten us our drinks, she started telling us about a few of their over 2000 products including their Frankincense ranges, and how they get their Frankincense which was quite interesting. The Frankincense is sourced by a tribe of African women who trek across the desert for four days tapping on trees to get the sap that eventually creates the Frankincense. To help the tribe of African women on their four day trek, Neals Yar

d Remedies built them a self sustaining, solar powered well so they had easy access to fresh clean water.Neals Yard Remedies Frankincense Range

After telling us about the Frankincense range, the lovely staff member told us a little about Neals Yard Remedies rich and interesting history, just like I told you earlier. After that, she said we could just wonder around and check out their wonderful products.

We first looked at Neals Yard Remedies quite unique mother and baby range, and then moved onto their Rose and Geranium range, which did smell of Roses, but to me it smelt more like Turkish Delight, I’m not sure either haha! Neals Yard Remedies White Tea RangeAfter a good look at the Rose and Geranium range, we moved onto their White Tea range, god it smelt amazing. It had a rather clean yet citrus smell. I may have to make a big order for the entire White Tea range, uh! It smelt so good. One of the staff members came and asked us if we were ok and started to show us a few more products. One of the products was the Lavender Bath Salts. Oh holy god! They smelt incredible, but they were so strong that they nearly sent me to sleep with one sniff. I may have to add those to my little order too, It may get a little expensive, haha! I can see an addiction starting!

We looked at a few more products and one of the staff members asked if one of us would like to try one of their massages. Jamie decided he would, and off we went to the treatment room. I stayed outside as I was feeling a little dizzy, but Jamie said he really enjoyed his little massage, which was good.

Once we came back upstairs, we looked at a few more products and managed to find Katie, another blogger to chat with. We chatted about everything from Neal

s Yard Remedies, Netflix, blogging, and just general life things. After our little chat Jamie had a few of the lovely snacks on offer from Filmore and Union. I’m not sure what they were as I didn’t have anything, but they did smell incredible. After another little look around, we decided it was time to head off so we said our goodbyes. As we were leaving, one of the staff members handed a little goodie bag for both us with a few of their lovely products in which included a few leaflets and a voucher as well as some of their Virgin Coconut Oil, Maca Powder, and some Raw Cocoa Powder.

I absolutely loved my time at Neals Yard Remedies, and if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you check them out. I would also just like to say a massive thank you to the staff at the Leeds Neals Yard Remedies store for having us.

Have you checked out Neals Yard Remedies? What did you think? What products do I have to try from them? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. I haven’t tried any Neal Yard but it sounds lovely!
    I’ve decided this year I’m going to treat myself more and this is going to be added to my list!
    Thanks for sharing!

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