Portuguese Festa | BEM Brasil’s 1st Birthday Celebration 

It should come as no surprise to you that I love my food. That’s why when BEM Brasil Leeds invited me to come and celebrate their 1st birthday, I quickly accepted and immediately started salivating.
BEM Brasil, is a true celebration of authentic Brazillian food, offering a unique dining experience where you can feast on an endless supply of the finest quality Brazillian food and succulent barbecued meats for an all inclusive price.
BEM Brasil only stocks the finest cuts of Beef, Pork, and Chicken, and the lovely staff even bring them right to your table.
You can also enjoy unlimited trips to the buffet continuously stocked with authentic Brazillian dishes, Salads, and Pastas.
I love the whole feel of BEM Brasil’s beautiful restaurant. It reminded me of when you’re on holiday in a hot country, and you’re sat outside with the live music playing having a nice meal.
I went with Jamie, can’t really go anywhere without him haha, and his wonderful friend Michelle.
Once we had been shown to our table by the really friendly staff, we ordered some of their tasty and extremely addictive cocktails.
BEM Brasil’s signature cocktail is the Caipirinha. A Caiiprinha is essentially a Brazillian Mojito. The first one they brought me tasted of fruit juice and strangely got stronger as the night went on. By my seventh I had to stop, as anymore and I would had been flat on my arse, and an extremely drunk blind man swinging a cane around is a disaster waiting to happen, haha!

After our drinks had arrived, the lovely staff brought us a few plates and we were told we could just help ourselves to the buffet.
Now obviously Jamie went and filled my plate, it’s basically to avoid any disasters. He brought me back some of the most delicious things including some tasty potato squares, some gorgeous Potato Salad, and some extremely addictive deep fried Bananas.
The way BEM Brasil works is, you help yourself to the buffet and when you want meat you turn the coloured place card on your table to green, and when you don’t want anymore you turn it to red.
Now I’m not going to talk about every different kind of Beef, Chicken, and Pork I ate because I would be here for hours, I’m just going to pick a couple of my favourites.
The Smoked Gammon was so succulent and moist. It was cooked to perfection. It was so sweet but a little salty at the same time.
The Brazillian Sausages were so smoky and peppery.
The Chilli Chicken was so soft and practically melted on my mouth. The Chili had a good kick to it, but not enough to blow my mouth out.
BEM Brasil also has many more meats on offer including Steak, and Pancetta  wrapped Chicken, but if you want to know what they taste like them you’ll have to pop into your local BEM Brasil and try them for yourself.
I had an amazing time celebrating BEM Brasil’s 1st birthday, and I really enjoyed myself, my head didn’t enjoy it the morning after though, haha!
If you’re looking for all you can eat authentic Brazillian food, then BEM Brasil is for you.
BEM Brasil also has locations in Manchester and a few other places. If you would like to find your local BEM Brasil, or book a table, you can find them online here.
I would just like to say a massive thank you for having me, Jamie, and Michelle, and a huge happy 1st birthday.
If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you check out BEM Brasil as soon as you can.
Have you been to BEM Brasil? What did you think? What’s your favourite Brazillian dish? Please let me know below.

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Luke x

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