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A little while ago, you may remember I attended an event held by the lovely people at Paul Mitchell. Now, when I was leaving the lovely

event, I was handed a little goodie bag, and inside the little goodie bag there was a sample gift set of their new haircare range. After using it for quite a while now, I thought I would share my thoughts.


The range in question, is the new Paul Mitchell Ultimate Colour Repair.

Paul Mitchell describe Ultimate Colour Repair as your ultimate defence against colour fade.


Ultimate Colour Repair harnesses the reparative power of Quinoa to lock in hair colour, restore lustre, and repair signs of damage.

Discovered by the Inca’s thousands of years ago, Quinoa is an achient grain rich in amino

acids that penetrates your hair and creates a bond like a magnet, creating a protective sheild.

As well as being really good for your hair, the Quinoa locks in your hair colour for up to nine weeks.


There’s only three products in the new range. A shampoo, a conditioner, and a rescue spray.

Paul Mitchell Ultimate Colour Repair Shampoo

The Ultimate Colour Repair Shampoo, is a gentle sulfate free cleansing shampoo that replenishes and protects colour treated hair. The shampoo contains Quinoa, to lock in colour and repair strands from with in, sugar cane and lemon peel extracts, to add shine and manageability, and antioxidants, to prevent damage.

The texture is as you would expect. it’s your typical shampoo texture.

I’m not a massive fan of the scent. It strangely has an overwhelming smell of coconut, and unfortunately I absolutely hate coconut.

I absolutely love the results. One use of this and my hair was silky soft, shiny, and looking fabulous. With it being a cleansing shampoo, that means that it will get all the gunk and grime out of your hair, which is perfect for those who use heavy duty styling products. Using a cleansing shampoo can also mean your hair may produce excess oil, but I haven’t seen that while using this.

Paul Mitchell Ultimate Colour Repair Conditioner

The Ultimate Colour Repair Conditioner, is an ideal daily hydrator and detangler for colour treated hair. The conditioner contains Quinoa, to lock in hair colour and repair strands from with in, Shea Butter, Jojoba, and Soya Bean Oil, to leave hair feeling soft, shiny, and healthy, while vitamins nourish and moisturise.

The texture is again, as you would expect. It’s your typical conditioner texture, thick and gloopy.

The smell again, isn’t great. It has that overwhelming coconut smell like the shampoo, but with an added scent of honey, beeswax, and baby powder. I know that sounds strange, but that’s what it smells of.

I really like the results. It has left my hair feeling irresistably soft, so soft, that I couldn’t stop touching my hair. When I used this in combination with the shampoo, my hair looked amazing. It was soft, silky, shiny, and most of all controlled all those nasty fly aways.

Paul Mitchell Ultimate Colour Repair Triple Rescue

The Ultimate Colour Repair Triple Rescue, is a dual-phased spray, that protects against excessive heat that can damage colour treated hair and can lead to dull faded strands. It’s basically a heat protectent before, straightening, curling, or blow drying. The Ultimate Colour Repair Triple Rescue, has two layers. The top protects against heat that can damage colour treated hair and lead to dull faded strands. The second layer contains Quinoa so hair looks healthy, shiny, and vibrant.

The texture is as you would expect. It’s incredibly watery and runny. It is after all a spray.

The scent, as with the rest of the range smells of coconut, and as I said, i’m not a fan.

The results are incredible. It leaves my hair soft and silky. As well as being a fantastic heat protector, it can also be used on second day hair to give it that refreshed, just washed but still textureised look.

Overall, I would have to rate the entire range, a seven point five out of ten. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful range, but I just don’t get along with the scent. Coconut gives me a slight headache, but I am in love with what it does to my hair. My hair is shiny, thicker, brighter, and most of all, so soft. It’s like there’s a cloud on my head.

If you’re in the market for a fabulous haircare range, that leaves your hair feeling incredible, and you like the smell of coconuts, then this is the range for you.

Paul Mitchell are a high end haircare range with affordable prices. That means that they’re a little higher priced than your general drugstore brand, but it’s well worth the splurge.

The Ultimate Colour Repair Shampoo retails at, £7.75 for 75ml, £17.50 for 250ml, and £39.25 for the 1000ml. The Ultimate Colour Repair Conditioner retails at, £7.75 for the 75ml, £17.95 for the 200ml, and £39.95 for the 1000ml, and the Ultimate Colour Repair Triple Rescue, retails at,£7.75 for the 25ml, and £17.75 for the 150ml. As you can see, it’s up there in price. All these prices were taken from Feel Unique, which is where I found them the cheapest.

If you would like to read more about the new Paul Mitchell Ultimate Colour Repair, you can find everything you need at the Paul Mitchell site here. If you would also like to purchase any of the incredible products, you can find them everywhere, but as I said, if you want them at the cheapest price possible then you can buy them from Feel Unique, here.

Have you tried Paul Mitchell Ultimate Colour Repair? What dd you think? Please let me know down below.


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