Shine The Spotlight | August 2016

It’s that time of the month again everyone. Yes! It’s time for another Shine The Spotlight, and as always, i’ve got five amazing blogs for you to check out, so let’s begin.
First up has to be, Talonted Lex.
Talonted Lex, is ran by Lex, a nail art obsessed Rosacea sufferer who is originally from the north, but now lives in London. Lex’s blog is all about skincare, her life, nail care, and suffering from Rosacea. I love Lex’s down to earth friendly personality, and if you have sensitive skin, Lex will have some fantastic product recommendations for you. If you’re looking for a great blog, from a really great person who knows what she’s talking about, then Talonted Lex is for you.

Next up has to be, Thrifty Husband.
Thrifty Husband, is ran by Tony, a money saving guru from Cambridgeshire. Tony’s blog is full of just about everything, from how to save money, to food, and even lifestyle. I love all the useful tips he has. I’ve learned quite a lot from Tony’s posts, and am now regularly looking for ways to save money. If you’re looking for some great posts on saving money, food, and just about everything else, then Thrifty Husband is for you.
Next up has to be, This Stuff Is Golden.
This Stuff Is Golden , is ran by Lauren from Edinburgh. Lauren’s blog is full of posts about life, careers, mental health, and she also does a bit of creative writing. I love that all of Lauren’s posts make you think, especially her mental health posts. If you’re looking for an extremely insightful blog, then This Stuff Is Golden is for you.
Next up has to be Got Meghan.
Got Meghan, is ran by Meghan, a disabled blogger from the USA. Meghan’s blog is a mix of just about everything, including, lifestyle, fashion, music, photography, and of course, her disability. Meghan suffers from Arthrogryposis, a joint disease that effects her arms and legs. Meghan actually types all of her posts using her feet, which I think is rather cool. As well as writing fantastic posts, Meghan also tries to show people that just because she’s disabled, doesn’t mean that she can’t live life to the fullest. If you’re looking for some great posts from a fantastic lady, than Got Meghan is for you.
The last and final blog for this months Shine The Spotlight has to be, The Yorkshire Gentleman.
The Yorkshire Gentleman, is ran by Tom, a male grooming and lifestyle blogger from West Yorkshire. Tom’s blog is a mix of just about everything, from male grooming and fashion, to lifestyle, food, and travel. I especially like Tom’s day out posts, as he makes me feel as if I was right there with him. If you’re looking for some great posts from a fantastic guy, then The Yorkshire Gentleman is for you.

That my friends, brings us to the end of another Shine The Spotlight.

What blogs have you been reading lately? Who do I need to check out? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. Well thank you so much Luke! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the mention Luke! Keep up the good work

    The Yorkshire Gentleman

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