Shine The Spotlight | February 2017

It’s the first Monday of the month everyone, which means it’s time for another Shine The Spotlight, and as always, i’ve got five amazing blogs for you to check out.
First up has to be, The Story Of John Sennett .
The Story Of John Sennett , is ran by John, a dedicated charity worker, public speaker, and lifestyle blogger from Southampton. John’s blog is all about his life as a charity worker, blogging, and tips on social media. I really like John’s charity and volunteering posts, as I always find them extremely interesting to read. If you’re looking for a blog all about volunteering and charity work, then John’s Road To Volunteering is for you.
Next up has to be, British Beauty Blogger.
British Beauty Blogger, is ran by Jane, a journalist, author, and mother of two from South East London. Jane’s blog is all about her life, and her love of beauty. I really like Jane’s blog because she’s incredibly honest, and if there’s something she doesn’t like, she tells you the truth and doesn’t sugar coat it. If you’re looking for a blog absolutely jam packed full of beauty, from a incredibly honest lady, then British Beauty Blogger is for you.
Next up has to be, Life Of Man.
Life Of Man, is ran by Nick, a digital marketing manager from Milton Keynes. Nick’s blog is a mix of just about everything, from lifestyle and beauty reviews, to food, travel, and even blogging tips. I really like Nick’s blogging posts, as I always end up learning something new. If you’re looking for a blog full of just about everything, then Life Of Man is for you.
Next up has to be, What Olivia Did.
What Olivia Did, is ran by Olivia, a fashion and beauty lover from London. Olivia’s blog is full of posts about her life, and her love of beauty and fashion. I really like Olivia’s blog because she has a really nice down to earth writing style, and a fantastic sense of personal style. If you’re looking for a blog all about beauty, fashion, and someone’s life, then What Olivia Did is for you.
The last and final blog for this months shine the spotlight, has to be, Movie Writer NYU.
Movie Writer NYU, is ran by Austin, a screen writer and blogger from Maine, USA. Austin’s blog is jam packed full of the stories he has written, and posts about his life. I really like all of Austin’s posts, especially his stories, as they’re all really interesting and easy to read. If you’re after some great stories from a great writer, then Movie Writer NYU is for you.
That my friends, brings us to the end of another shine the spotlight.
What blogs have you been reading lately? Who do I need to check out.

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Luke x

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  1. Thanks for the inclusion here Luke!

    With my blog I’ve deliberately tried to keep it broad to reflect my life and the things that interest me. There’s a lot of incredible blogs for guys out there targeting specific niches such as grooming, fashion or skincare however this approach didn’t really suit how I wanted to write. Hopefully Life of Man offers a little something for everyone!

    If any bloggers are heading over to my blog, there is however 1 post that I recommend every bloggers reads and that is one details how bloggers can better collaborate with brands. As a digital marketing manager for a major UK retailer, I’ve offered a lot of insight into how things work on the side of brands so it’s worth a read for every blogger to increase their collaboration knowledge –

  2. OMG Luke! Thank you so much for including me in this!

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