Shine The Spotlight | March 2016

It’s the first Monday of the month everyone, and you know what that means. Yes! It’s time for another Shine the Spotlight. I can’t believe how fast the year’s going, it’s already March, anyway enough of me rambling, here’s five amazing blogs you have to check out.

First up has to be, Tea Is For Tina.

Tea Is For Tina is obviously ran by Tina. Tina is a twenty-something welsh girl who moved to Leeds to take on the City. Tina’s blog is full of just about everything, from her love of trying out new products, to current affairs, film reviews, and her ramblings about life, there’s a little bit of everything. If you’re looking for a good all round blog, then Tea Is For Tina is for you.

Next up has to be, Letters Of Fashion.

Letters Of Fashion is ran by Carrie Rose, a 22 year old from Linconshire, who works in Leeds. Letters Of Fashion is Carrie Rose’s little space on the internet to write about anything that takes her fancy. From things that happen in her life, to rants about her day, to product reviews, to basically everything. If you’re looking for a good all around down to earth blog, then Letters Of Fashion is for you.

Next up has to be, Catch These Words.

Catch These Words is ran by Holly, a visually impaired book blogger, Spanish student, and disabled campaigner from Coventry. Catch These Words is full of books that Holly has read, and posts highlighting the life of the visually impaired. All of Holly’s post are incredibly down to earth and describe exactly what a visually impaired person feels. If you’re looking for some great book reviews, and some extremely poignant posts about the visually impaired, then Catch These Words is for you.

Next up has to be, Yesterdays Wishes.

Yesterdays Wishes is ran by Lucy, a visually impaired YouTuber, blogger, author, and makeup creator. Lucy’s blog is all about her life being visually impaired and the things she gets up to in her life. Her YouTube channel is full of makeup looks, hauls, and videos about her visual impairment. Lucy proves that just because you’re visually impaired doesn’t mean that you can’t look fantastic. If you’re looking for a fantastic blog and YouTube channel, then Yesterdays Wishes is for you.

The last and final blog for this months Shine the Spotlight has to be, Buckets Of Tea.

Buckets Of Tea is ran by Candice, a fourty-something mother and major animal lover from the West Midlands. Buckets Of Tea is Candice’s little space on the internet where she writes about all the things in her life that give her inspiration, happiness, and hope while she drinks her way through buckets of tea. If you’re looking for a fantastic blog by someone who knows what she’s talking about, then Buckets Of Tea is for you.

That my wonderful friends, brings us to the end of another Shine the Spotlight.

What blogs have you been reading lately? Who do I have to check out? Please let me know down below

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Luke x

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  1. Thanks so much for including me! The other blogs look great so will definitely be taking a look 🙂 I really like this idea of a round up.

    Tina x

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