Shine the Spotlight | April 2015

  • Hi all my wonderful readers. I hope you’re all having a fantastic day.

    It’s the first Monday of the month, and that means, it’s time for another Shine the Spotlight.

    I have five amazing blogs that you all have to check out as soon as possible.

    Let’s begin.

    The first is Queen B Becca.

    Becca, is a 25 year old Librarian from South London. Becca’s blog is a mix of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, cooking, and sometimes there’s even a few anxiety posts. It’s basically a blog about everything, and anything. It’s a brilliant blog, and you really should check her out.

    The next is Big Fashionista.

    Big Fashionista, is ran by a really cool woman called Kelly, who is based in Leeds. Kelly’s blog is hallarious. She really doesn’t mince her words, and if something winds her up, you best believe there’ll be a brilliantly written post all about it. Her blog is a mix of just about anything. If you haven’t already checked out Kelly’s amazing blog, then please do.

    The next blog I have to share is It’s Just Me Hayley .

    It’s Just Me Hayley, is ran by an extremely nice woman obviously called Hayley. Hayley’s blog is all about beauty, fashion, food, and lifestyle. Hayley also runs a YouTube channel, and her videos are just as fantastic as her blog. If you haven’t already checked out Hayley’s blog or her YouTube channel, then please do.

    The next blog is Married to a Geek.

    Married to a Geek, is ran by Simone, a 31 year old mum from West Yorkshire. Simones blog is a mix of just about everything, travel, beauty, lifestyle, you name it, it’s there. If you haven’t already checked out Married to a Geek, please do.

    Then the last and final blog I have to share for April, has to be The Jamie Sowden.

    Yes, my brother. I can’t believe I haven’t already included him in a Shine the Spotlight yet, so here it is.

    Jamie’s blog, is a mix of beauty, food, fashion, lifestyle, and much more. I love reading his blog, and you will too, so please check him out.

    There we have it, another month, another Shine the Spotlight.

    Is there any blogs you think I should check out? If you have any please let me know them down below.

    Luke x

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Luke x

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