Shine the Spotlight | January 2016

It’s that time again my lovely readers, yes, it’s Shine the Spotlight time!
As always I have five amazing bloggers to share with you, and if you haven’t already checked them out, then you really need to as soon as you can. 
Let’s begin. 
First up has to be The British Gent. 
The British Gent, is ran by Jonathan, a travel and technology addict from Newcastle Upon Tyne. Jonathan’s blog is mostly filled to the brim with posts about travel and technology, including a lot of useful technology tips and tricks, but there’s also loads of other posts including food and drink, shopping, and lifestyle. If you’re looking for a fountain of technology knowledge, then The British Gent is for you. 
Next up has to be, Fruity Flamingo. 
Fruity Flamingo, is ran by Melissa, a vegan mum of three, from Glasgow. Melissa’s blog is mostly all about vegan beauty, but there’s also a few other kind of posts thrown in. I just love Melissa’s passion, and if you’re looking for some awesome vegan beauty reviews, then Fruity Flamingo is for you. 
Next up has to be, Alisha Valerie
Alisha Valerie, is quite obviously ran by Alisha. Alisha, is a makeup artist, wife, and puppy mummy from Liverpool. Alisha’s blog is all about her life, from what she’s currently liking, to posts about her adorable dog, there’s a little bit of just about everything. If you’re after a blog filled with posts about everyday life, then Alisha Valerie is for you. 
Next up has to be, Olivia Cheryl. 
Olivia Cheryl, is quite obviously ran by Olivia, who is from Liverpool. Olivia’s blog is a mix of just about everything. From makeup to fashion to lifestyle. Olivia is also absolutely hilarious and even has her own YouTube channel. If you’re looking for an amazing all round blog, then Olivia Cheryl is for you. 
The last and final blog for this months Shine the Spotlight has to be, Radio Lover. 
Radio Lover, is ran by my good friend J.R. Bjornson. J.R. is a legally blind family man and blogger from Alberta, Canada. J.R.’s blog follows on from his vlogs in which we see him, his wife Sheena, two sons, and of course his adorable cat Sydney on their daily goings on. If your after a down to earth family experience, then J.R.’s blog, and channel is for you. 
That my friends, brings us to the end of another Shine the Spotlight. 
Who have you been reading lately? Who’s blog do I have to check out? Please let me know below. 

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Luke x

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    I like the name of your column!
    Thanks for these blogs! Looking forward to checking them out!
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