Shine the Spotlight | July 2015

Hi all my wonderful readers. I hope you’re all having a fabulous day.

It’s the first Monday of the month, and you know what that means. Yes! It’s Shine the Spotlight time.

I love writing these posts because I get to show of some fantastic blogs, you otherwise wouldn’t have known about.

The first one has to be, Ms Goldgirl.

Ms Goldgirl is ran by one of my favourite people on the internet, Marnie. Marnie is a 42 year old wife, mother, volunteer, and former elementary school teacher from San Antonio, Texas. Marnie’s blog is a mix of lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. Marnie has had a little shake up lately, and is now writing all about the latest deals either in the San Antonio area, or on the internet. Don’t worry she only tells you about products she either owns, uses, or has used in the past, so you can trust her with your hard earned dollars. Plus Marnie also has a fantastic YouTube channel. If you want some great beauty, fashion, and lifestyle posts with some amazing money saving deals, then Ms Goldgirl is for you.

The next one has to be, Musical Theatre Musings.

Musical Theatre Musings is ran by Sarah, a theatre addict from London. Sarah is a major theatre lover and lives right on the doorstep of London’s West End. That means she not only gets to see some of the biggest shows in the world, but she also gets to see some of the best ameuture producyions too, and she writes all about it on her amazing blog. If you are a major theatre buff, then Sarah’s blog is definitely the one for you.

Next up has to be, Shy Strange Manic.

Shy Strange Manic is ran by Kariss. Kariss splits her time between London and South Yorkshire. Kariss’ blog is a mix of beauty, lifestyle, fashion, books, skincare, makeup, basically a little bit of everything. Kariss is also really nice in person. If you are looking for an extremely good all round blog, then Shy Strange Manic is for you.

Next up has to be, PlThat’s What I Like .

Pink Chick Claire is obviously ran by Claire, from London. Claire’s blog is a mix of beauty and lifestyle including makeuo, fragrance and even beauty subscribtion boxes, plus she’s also on YouTube. The two things I love about Claire are her writing style, and her accent. I know it sounds strange, ha! If you’re looking for a beauty blog from someone who teally knows her stuff, then Pink Chick Claire is for you.

The last and final blog for July’s Shine the Spotlight has to be, Frosted Planet.

Frosted Planet, is ran by Tara. Tara is a UK beauty theropist, and her blog is full of insider tips and tricks. Tara covers everything from facial treatments to manicures, skincare to hair removal, and everything in between. If there’s anything you want to know about beauty, then this is the place to find it.

That my friends, brings July’s Shine the Spotlight to a close. I love checking out new and interesting blogs. If you have any you think I should check out, then please let me know down below.


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Luke x

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