Shine The Spotlight | March 2017

It’s the first Monday of the month everyone, which means that it’s time for another shine The Spotlight, and as always, i’ve got five amazing blogs for you to check out.
First up has to be, The Squid Guy.
The Squid Guy, is ran by Gary, a blogger and podcaster from Liverpool. Gary’s blog is all about pop culture, gaming, his life, and creativity. I really like Gary’s blog because of his goodby month posts, which is where he talks about what he’s been up to and what he’s liked about the month. If you’re looking for a blog all about pop culture, and someone’s life, then The Squid Guy is for you.
Next up has to be, North and Soul.
North and Soul, is ran by Gill, a self employed marketer, blogger, and mum of two from Harrogate. Gill’s blog is full of posts about her love of food, books, her travels, and her life. I really like Gill’s blog because you can tell that she loves writing and loves sharing her thoughts and experiences with her readers. If you’re looking for a blog from a fantastic lady, then North and Soul is for you.
Next up has to be, A Welsh Man’s Perspective.
A Welsh Man’s Perspective, is ran by Johny, a blogger from Llanelli, South Wales. Johny’s blog is full of posts about his life, and his love of both food and cars. I really like Johny’s post because he’s incredibly open and honest, especially in his life posts, which I find incredibly interesting. If you’re looking for a blog all about life, cars, and food, then A Welsh Man’s Perspective is for you.
Next up has to be,His Habits.
His Habits, is ran by Sean, a male grooming and lifestyle blogger from Manchester. Sean’s blog is jam packed full of posts about male grooming and his life. I really like Sean’s post because as well as being brilliantly written, his posts always contain all of the information that I wan’t to know. If you’re looking for a blog all about male grooming and lifestyle, from a brilliant male blogger, then His Habits is for you.
The last and final blog for this months Shine The Spotlight has to be, Wonderful Chaos.
Wonderful Chaos, is ran by Frankie, a 28 year old wife and mum of one from Yorkshire. Frankie’s blog is all about her life, and the things that her and her family get up to. I really like all of Frankie’s posts because they’re really down to earth, and I get a real insight into her and her families lives. If you’re looking for a blog all about someone’s family life, then Wonderful Chaos is for you.
That my wonderful friends, brings us to the end of another Shine The Spotlight.
What have you been reading lately? Who should I check out? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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