Shine The Spotlight | March 2019

It’s the first Monday of the month everyone, which means that it’s time for another Shine The Spotlight, and as always, i’ve got five amazing blogs to share with you.
First up has to be, The Male Stylist.
The Male Stylist, is ran by Adam, an Author, Digital Marketer and Male Grooming and Fashion Blogger from London. Adam’s blog is all about Male Lifestyle, including Male Grooming, Fashion, and Style. I really like Adam’s blog, as I love that he doesn’t mince his words but also gives you some fantastic styling tips. If you’re looking for a blog all about Male Lifestyle from a really honest guy, then The Male Stylist is for you.
Next up has to be, Dreaming In Paperbacks.
Dreaming In Paperbacks, is ran by Hayden, an English Student and Book Blogger from Iowa. Hayden’s blog is all about Books, including what she’s been reading lately, and her favourite Authors. I really like Haydens blog, as I love that she tells you what she thought of a Book without spoiling the story for you. If you’re looking for a blog all about Books from a really nice lady, then Dreaming In Paperbacks is for you.
Next up has to be, Just A Sorcerer.
Just A Sorcerer, is ran by Josh, a Gaming and Food blogger from Birmingham. Josh’s blog is all about his love of Video Games, the things that he cooks, and his life. I really like Josh’s blog, as I love that all of his recipes are really easy to follow but still pack a punch. If you’re looking for a blog all about Video Games and Food from a really great guy, then Just A Sorcerer is for you.
Next up has to be, Skincare With Stephanie .
Skincare With Stephanie, is ran by Stephanie, a Skincare Blogger and YouTuber from Liverpool. Stephanie’s blog is all about her love of Skincare, including what she’s tried lately ,and her favourite brands. I really like Stephanie’s blog, as I can tell that she really likes to write and share her opinions. If you’re looking for a blog all about Skincare from a really passionate lady, then Skincare With Stephanie is for you.
The last and final blog for this months Shine The Spotlight has to be, Undercover Superhero.
Undercover Superhero, is ran by Ami, a Disabled Blogger and Charity Worker from the East of England. Ami’s blog is all about her life, including her disabilities, her upcoming Wedding, and her love of Food. I really like Ami’s blog, as I love how honest and open about her life she is. If you’re looking for a blog all about someone’s life from a really honest and open lady, then Undercover Superhero is for you.
That my friends, brings us to the end of another Shine The Spotlight.
What have you been reading lately? Who do I need to check out? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. OhMyGod…thank you so much Luke! Today is exactly one year that my nightmare began and not knowing if I was going to make it through – to now, an awesome blogger (You!) Including my blog on your wonderful post praising my writing…its really got me emotional! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart ❤

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