Shine The Spotlight | September 2015

Hi all my wonderful readers. I hope you’re all having a brilliant day.

It’s the first Monday of the month, and as always, that means it’s time for another Shine the Spotlight.

If you haven’t read one of my Shine the Spotlights, it’s where I share five incredible blogs I think you should check out.

Let’s begin.

The first has to be, Fiona Cummings.

Fiona Cummings, is quite obviously ran by a really nice woman called Fiona. Fiona suffers from the same eye condition as me. Her blog, is basically her diary. It’s full of all her daily goings on, from what she got up to with her guide dog, to her family life, and she even writes poems. If you haven’t already checked out Fiona’s blog, then you really have to as soon as you can.

The next has to be, The Pink Peeptoe.

The Pink Peeptoe, is ran by Theresa. Theresa, is an American German born fashion lover who now lives in the UK. Theresa’s blog isn’t just full of fashion, there’s also some beauty, and of course ,some really provoking lifestyle posts. As well as being an incredible blogger, I have also had the pleasure of meeting Theresa quite a few times, and she’s as friendly on her blog as she iss in real life. If you haven’t already checked out Theresa’s incredible blog, then you really need to as soon as you can.

Next up has to be, Life In A Breakdown.

Life In A Breakdown, is ran by Sarah. Sarah is 29, and lives with her partner, and a whole host of animals in the Midlands. Sarah suffers from a few illnesses, but she doesn’t let it get in her way. As well as having an incredible lifestyle blog, Sarah also runs a UK Bloggers community to help all of the amazing bloggers come together to share ideas and find help. If you haven’t checked out Sarah’s incredible blog, then you really have to as soon as you can.

The next has to be, Shout John.

Shout John, is obviously ran by John. John is 24, and originally comes from a little town in Scotland, but now lives just outside London. John’s blog, is a mostly lifestyle blog, but it also has a mix of just about everything. From food, to games, to beauty and fashion, Shout John has everything. If you haven’t already checked out Shout John, you have to as soon as you can.

The last and final blog for September’s Shine the Spotlight has to be, Music and Eyeliner.

Music and Eyeliner, is ran by Faith. Faith is a thirty something blogger from Leeds. Faith’s blog is a mix of just about everything. From lifestyle and music, to beauty, makeup, fashion, food, and of course, the place she comes from, Leeds. Faith’s blog is amazing, and if you’re looking for a good all round blog, then Music and Eyeliner is for you, plus Faith is one of the nicest people on the planet, which always helps.

That my lovely friends, brings us to the end of September’s Shine the Spotlight.

Where is this year going? Before we know it, it’ll be Christmas, god time goes fast.

As always, if you have any blogs you think I should check out, please get in touch.

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Luke x

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