Sleepy Hollow Season Two Finale Review | Contains Spoilers

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Last Wednesday was the last episode in season two of the incredible Sleepy Hollow, and I thought I would tell you what I thought.

If you have never seen an episode of Sleepy Hollow, please check out my previous Sleepy Hollow post here.

The season finale was a two part episode.

The first of the two episodes saw Henry trying to use a very old and mystical spell that once a special bell gets rang it will turn all decendents of witches into actual living breathing, spell casting witches. Unfortunately he is unsuccessful, mainly due to being reawoken by Molloch, the king of all evil, he is not a full witch and you need a full witch to cast the spell.

After realising that his spell hasn’t worked, he tries to entice his mother, Katrina, an actual witch, into doing the spell for him. He lures her in by drawing on her biggest weakness, the fact that she wasn’t around for him when he was young.

She ends up agreeing and starts working with Henry to get the spell ready.

This is however unknown to Ickabod and Abbie. They figure out that someone is trying to cast the bell spell, but they don’t know who and attempt to find the bell and distroy it.

They do in fact find the bell, but it is being guarded by Katrina and Henry.

This is when Ickabod realises that he has finally lost Katrina to the dark side. She explains to him that it’s the only way to set things as they should have been. Ickabod tells them that he wouldn’t let it happen and a massive fight scene insues.

Ickabod loses and they get away with the bell. Ickabod and Abbie then figure out that they are taking it to the old town hall where the spell will be at it’s most powerful.

Eckabod and Abbie arrive and are captured and tied up by Henry. That’s when both Abbie and Ickabod decide that Henry has to be killed at any cost.

They do in fact kill Henry, which sends Katrina into a mental rage and she tries to kill both Abbie and Ickabod. She’s so infuriated that she casts a travelers spell to send her back to the 1700s.

Little does she know that Abbie has accidentally been brought along for the ride.

The second episode sees Abbie back in the 1700s, lost and scared at what has just happened. She is then found by one of the soldiers who thinks she is a run away slave. She tries to explain that she isn’t a slave but gets thrown in jail.

She suddenly realises that the only one who can help her is Ickabod, so she tells the guard she has information that can help win the war, but she’ll only talk to Ickabod.

Ickabod arrives and she tries to explain but unfortunately he doesn’t believe her and thinks she is crazy.

The whole episode is about Abbie trying to get Ickabod to believe her, and for them to try and stop Katrina from killing Ickabod and therefore totally redesigning history.

After a few twists and turns Ickabod finally believes Abbie and they head to the old manor to enlist Grace Dixon, Abbies ancestor to reverse the travelers spell.

Meanwhile, Katrina has teamed up with the Horseman of Death and is trying to break into the manor to kill both Abbie and Ickabod.

Grace does in fact reverse the spell and Katrina, Ickabod and Abbie are returned to the exact second the spell was cast.

Extremely angry, Katrina attacks Abbie and Ickabod.

It goes seriously bad and Ickabod stabs Katrina.

After all that has happened, all four of the team, Abbie, Ickabod, Jenny and Captain Erving vow that what ever happens they’ll all stick together.

That in a nutshell is the two parts of the finale episodes of season two.

Overall I thought it was a fantastic season finale. It was on the edge of your seat drama at it’s best. You were guessing whether Abbie would get back to the present day, whether Katrina would in fact kill Ickabod. I was extremely impressed.

I loved all of season two, and loved the finale even more.

Out of ten, I would have to give this a massive ten. It had me on the edge of my seat every single second.

If you havent watched Sleepy Hollow before, then I urge you to as soon as you can.

Have you seen any of season two? What did you think? Please let me know down below.

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