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This past Wednesday, Universal Channel premiered Sleepy Hollow, and I thought I’d give you my thoughts on the first episode of season two.

First, a little background, Sleepy Hallow is a horror, supernatural series based on the book of the same name by Washington Erving.

Sleepy Hollow is about the end of days, where four horsemen, will rise from their graves to unleash armageddon on the Earth.

The series follows the main character, Eckabod Crane. Eckabod was a fighter in the war of independence between England and the USA.

One fateful day, whilst out patrolling the area, Eckabod was wounded by the horseman of death. This was the moment the two bloodlins of Eckabod and the horseman became intwined. Wounded and near death, Eckabod’s wife, Katrina, who by the way is a witch, casts a spell to send him into slumber to be one day woken up to vanquish the horseman of death.

200 years have gone by and Eckabod was awokened. He finds himself in 21st Century Sleepy Hollow. He is then faced with the fact the horseman is after him.

Hearing the horseman has been sighted in the city, and has decapitated several people he seeks the horseman out. This is when he meets Lieutenant Abby Mills.

Eckabod was buried with a copy of the bible, George Washington’s bible. It says that two witnessed will be the only ones who can vanquish the horseman. Turns out the witnesses are Ickabod and Abby. This is where the story begins.

Over season one, we saw many different missions the pair had to face, including sending a sick child back to a lost island which is guarded by a spell to keep the horseman of pestilence trapped. We also saw many missions in which they had to entrap the horseman of death. My favourite scenes have to be those where Katrina contacted Ickabod from Purgatory.

At the end of season one, we found out the true identity of the horseman, and why exactly Katrina was entraped in Purgatory. We also found out the sineater, a trusted friend, was also Eckabod and Katrinas long lost son, he also was the horseman of war.

Now that I have given you a bit of background on the season one. I’ll move onto my thoughts on the opening episode of season two.

Right at the end of season one, we saw that Abby had been trapped in Purgatory and Katrina had been given to the horseman of death. We return and they both seem to think a whole year had passed when it had only been a few days, I think. The opening episode follows Eckabod trying to break Abby from Purgatory. We also saw what had become of Katrina, and her trying to figure out what the horseman wants.
We also see Abby’s sister Jenny, trying to help Ickabod free Abby.

The episode was a big hit for me. A great opening episode. It wrapped up the cliffhanger from season one, but at the same time, made you look forward to tthe upcoming season.

My marks out of ten, would have to be a 9. I love these types of series. so a big hit in my book. I think it could have done with a bit more of the Katrina side of the story, but otherwise a fantastic season premiere. Very looking forward to this weeks episode.

If you want to catch Sleepy Hollow out. It is aired Wednesdays at 9PM on Universal Channel.

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