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I know this might be a little too much information for some people, but lately my underarms have been feeling a little dry and itchy. I thought it had something to do with the fact I was using a spray deodorant, so I switched to a roller ball, which seemed to help a little but it didn’t fix it so I switched to a cream deodorant which also seemed to help a little, but it still didn’t fix it. I then started to think it might be one of the chemicals in my deodorant, so I started to look at natural deodorants, and luckily that’s when the amazing Lara over at Chambers and Co asked if I would be up for trying their natural deodorant cream. After trying it for just over a month, I thought I would tell you what I thought of it.

The Chambers and Co Natural Deodorant Cream is described as a Zinc Oxide based deodorant cream that gives over 24 hours odour protection. It moisturises and soothes even sensitive underarms, and comes in one of three scents. The scent doesn’t last long but continues to protect against odors for over 24 hours.

a picture of a tub of Chambers and Co Natural Deodorant Cream.

a picture of a tub of Chambers and Co Natural Deodorant Cream.

I really liked the packaging. It comes in an extremely substantial
 high gloss plastic tub, and it feels extremely good quality. The lid screws on very securely, which is good as it would be a shame if it went bad before I had time to use it all.

I was very kindly sent the Lime and Bergamot scent, and I have to say it smells incredible. I love citrus scents, and it is right up my street. I think the Bergamot gives it a nice masculine undertone. I think it comes in a further unscented, and a Neroli version, but the Lime and Bergamot suits me perfectly.

The actual deodorant is a solid white cream that once I had massaged into my skin, turned completely clear. Well at least I think it did, nobody could see anything white on my skin so it must have gone clear. I must admit, it did feel a bit strange using it at first, but after a little while I got quite used to it.

The texture is extremely creamy, and it just feels like an incredibly thick moisturiser, which is good as I thought it would have a bit of a weird texture, you know being an natural deodorant and all, but it just feels like a normal cream deodorant.

I have noticed a massive improvement in my underarms, and they’re no longer dry and itchy, which is good, as it was starting to get annoying.

The only downside to this that I can find is that it’s only a deodorant and not an anti-perspirant. This means that it makes me smell incredible, but unfortunately it doesn’t stop me from sweating. I don’t really sweat a lot but it would be fantastic to have that added protection.

Overall I would have to rate the Chambers and Co Natural Deodorant Cream an eight point five out of ten. It would have gotten a few extra points if it stopped me from sweating. This is perfect for those days that i’m just at home, but if I went out anywhere I would have to put something extra on.

If you’re looking to replace your normal chemical filled deodorant with something that’s better for your skin, then I highly recommend this, but if you sweat a lot, this isn’t for you.

If you would like to check out the Chambers and Co Natural Deodorant Cream, then you can buy it for yourself here.

Have you checked out the Chambers and Co Natural Deodorant Cream? What did you think? What other natural deodorants should I

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