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I managed to pick up this little guy in the amazing Boxing Day sales, and after using it for my signature scent for a little while, well ever since I got it, I thought it was about time I told you what I thought.

I must just say that I am a massive Hugo Boss fan, and have been using their fabulous fragrances as my go to scent for years,. I’ve also pretty much tried every one of their fragrances over the years, so I had high expectations for their new launch Hugo Boss The Scent.

Here’s what Hugo Boss say about their new launch The Scent.

A seductive fragrance from Boss that swathes senses in sensuality with it’s arousing blend of essences that linger to leave a lasting impression. It is a masterful orchestration of masculine Leather notes with the aphrodisiac Maninka fruit from Africa. A wisp of spicy Ginger is the lingering final note to this exquisite fragrance. It’s the perfect acumpliment to your multi-facited personality.

Top Notes.

Ginger, and Maninka Fruit.

Heart Notes.


Base Notes.

Black Leather.

It is as the description says, extremely seductive, and every time I wear it, I can’t seem to stop sniffing myself which looks really strange when you do it in public, haha!

I can’t really smell the Lavender, and I can only faintly smell the Black Leather. I mean I can smell it, but it’s very much in the background. The main things I can smell are the Ginger, which gives it an extremely manly spicy kick, and the Maninka Fruit. I’m not entirely sure what it is, or what it’s supposed to smell of, but I love it. The Maninka Fruit counter balances the spicy kick of the Ginger, and gives a really manly overall scent.

It’s quite a flexible fragrance, and it can either be worn throughout the day to give a sophisticated fruity scent to a work day, or it can be worn at night when you’re out on the town and looking to impress. It’s one of those all round fragrances that can suit anyone.

It settles down to an extremely wearable scent, and it strangely changes in intensity throughout the day. I put it on at about eight thirty in the morning, and I could still smell it on me when I got into bed. I did however notice that there were times of the day when I couldn’t really smell it, and other times of the day when it was all I could smell.

I absolutely love the shape of the bottle. It looks amazing sat on my beauty shelf, and I think the Boss logo carved into the side of the bottle gives it a really sophisticated look.

Overall I would have to rate Hugo Boss The Scent  a nine out of ten. It would have been a full ten but I think the scent needs to be stronger all the time. Other than that, it’s my perfect scent, haha, see what I did there.

Hugo Boss The Scent

I got this in a gift set which also contained the shower gel. The shower gel also has that great masculine fruity scent, but with it being a shower gel it has a much stronger scent, and it last so long on my skin. The shower gel is also incredibly moisturising, which is always good. I really like the shower gel, but I probably wouldn’t buy the shower gel again, well unless I really felt like treating myself, which is like all the time haha.

I would have to rate the shower gel an eight point five out of ten. I really liked the shower gel, but it’s not worth the price for the amount you get.

I am absolutely in love with Hugo Boss The Scent. I only got this in a 50ml bottle, but once I run out, i’m going to buy the biggest bottle I can, so I can always smell incredible.

If you would like to check out Hugo Boss The Scent  for yourself, you can buy it from your local Hugo Boss store, or you can buy it online here.

Have you checked out Hugo Boss The Scent ? What did you think? What Hugo Boss fragrance should I check out next? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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