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A couple of weeks ago, both me and Jamie were very kindly invited down to Victoria Leeds to come and check out the Sound Leisure pop-up store, and after having a fantastic time checking out some really cool Jukeboxes, I thought that I would tell you all about it.

What is Sound Leisure?

Sound Leisure is a family owned manufacturer of quality bespoke classic Jukeboxes and Games machines based in Sandleas Way, Leeds.

What happened when I visited the Sound Leisure pop-up store.

Once we had finally arrived in Leeds, and had wandered around for a little while, we eventually headed to the Sound Leisure pop-up store, which is located opposite Nespresso inside Victoria Leeds on Queen Victoria Street in Leeds City Centre.

Once we had entered the massive and very spacious store, we were very kindly greeted by Emily, the really nice woman who had invited us, who said hi, and asked us if we were Luke and Jamie. We said hi back, and that yes we were, and after a couple of seconds of us all chatting, Emily asked us if we would like a drink, to which we of course said yes. Then after another couple of minutes of us all chatting and sipping our drinks, we started to wander around and check out some of the really cool Jukeboxes that were dotted around the room.

An arch shaped clear glass and dark brown wooden Jukebox that has a semi circled clear glass screen, some white plastic square buttons, and some yellow, pink and purple lights on it, on a dark background.

A picture of a Jukebox at the Sound Leisure Leeds pop-up store.

The first one that we saw was a massive glass Jukebox that had Jack Daniels written all over it, which made Jamie extremely happy, as Jack Daniels happens to be one of his favourite drinks.

We then just wandered around for a little while and checked out some of the really cool Games machines that were also dotted around the room, before we got talking to Emily again all about our blogs, some of the other events that we had been to, and a little bit about the company, including that the machine we were stood next to is also owned by Liam Galliger from Oasis.

Then once we had finished chatting to Emily, we got talking to Alan, the owner, who told us a little bit more about the company, including that they had been going for over 40 years, that they hand craft all of their Jukeboxes individually, and that they use the highest quality materials and technology to ensure that once you buy one of their Jukeboxes, that you’ll probably never have to buy another one again. He also told us all about some of his customers, including that their Jukeboxes can be found in quite a lot of Pubs, Bars and Restaurants. He then showed us one of their most popular machines that had every song released from the 1950’s right up to the current day, and told us that it updates itself every week to ensure that all of the latest music can be heard from it’s incredibly loud speakers.

Then once we had finally finished chatting to Alan, we just wandered around for a little bit longer and checked out a couple more of the really cool Jukeboxes, including a very smart one that could tell you the number one record from the week that you were born, before the evening started to draw to a close. So we said our thank you’s and goodbye’s to both Emily and Alan, and headed off back into Leeds to catch our Train.

I had a fantastic time checking out all of the really cool Jukeboxes at the Sound Leisure pop-up store, and I highly recommend that you pop by and check out some of their really cool Jukeboxes too.

I would just like to thank Sound Leisure for inviting both me and Jamie, and for hosting such a fantastic evening.

Have you visited the Sound Leisure pop-up store yet? Would you ever consider buying a Jukebox? What song was number one when you were born? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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