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I absolutely love food, so when Shooters Sports Bar Leeds invited both me and Jamie down to their wonderful bar to come and try one of their delectable food and drink packages, I was like, ummm yes please, haha!

Shooters Sports Bar Bar AreaIf you’ve never visited Shooters Sports Bar Leeds it’s a beautiful relaxed bar where you can just come with a few friends and sit and watch one of the many many fantastic sports games, including football, rugby, and of course the upcoming superbowl on their three metre TVs, and just chill out. It’s not too formal, and I absolutely love the music they play, it always sounds as if it’s live, i’m not actually sure if it’s live or not but it sounds incredible, haha!

It was incredibly busy when we both arrived, but I think that had something to do with a visit from a famous darts player but i’m not exactly sure. Once I made it up their lovely staircase, and found the bar, one of the wonderful bar staff went to find Chris, the manager, and he showed us to our table. I like the fact that he noticed the big massive white stick, well it’s hard not to, and tried making the route to the table a little more easier. I like it when people go out of their way to help me. After we had all introduced ourselves, Chris went to get us a few drinks, which were Coors Lager. I’m not usually a lager drinker, and I shouldn’t really be drinking with the antibiotics i’m on at the moment, but ah well, haha! To say i’m not a lager drinker, it was actually quite nice. I mean I won’t be drinking an entire crate anytime soon but I could certainly drink a few bottles.

Shooters Sports Bar DrinksAfter leaving us to drink our drinks, Chris went off and said that he would bring the food out soon. A little funny story actually, I think one of the servers got a little confused as they brought a plate of Chicken Wings to our table and naturally I ate one, well if you bring food to my table what am I supposed to do. It turns out it wasn’t our order, oops haha!

Shooters Sports Bar Shooters PlatterAnyway, after a little while longer, our food finally arrived. We decided to go for the Shooters Platter, which came with, Spicy Potato Wedges, Onion Rings, Nachos, Mozzarella Melts, Chicken Wings, Barbecue Sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce, and Salad, which is absolutely perfect for sharing.

The Potato Wedges were so delicious and perfectly cooked. They were so crispy on the outside, and extremely light and fluffy in the middle. The spice wasn’t really spicy, and this is coming from someone who can’t handle much spice.

The Onion Rings were gorgeous. Rather than them being basically a slither of Onion deep fried, they were more like an Onion wedge. They were so fat and fluffy, and only had a hint of crispiness. I hate Onion Rings that nearly break your teeth when you bite into them.

The Nachos were so tasty and only had a hint of Cheese, and were absolutely smothered in Salsa. I have a strange thing about Cheese, so I love Nachos that are more Salsa than Cheese.

The Mozzarella Melts were so crispy and gooey. For some strange reason they had a slight spicy kick which kind of threw me, but they were extremely morish.

The Chicken Wings were so moist and succulent, and the coating was so crispy. I definitely have to go back for more of those.

I absolutely loved the Barbecue Sauce, it had a really smoky aftertaste, and even though i’m not a chili lover, I was absolutely addicted to the Sweet Chili Sauce.

Once both me and Jamie had finished all the scrummy food, we ordered another round of drinks, I stuck to Coke this time as I didn’t want to chance the after effects of alcohol and antibiotics, haha, I was actually fine, just a little tired, but we just sat and chatted while listening to the wonderful music, and after chatting for a little longer we decided it was time to head off, so we found Chris and said our goodbyes.

The Shooters Platter was incredible, and would be fantastic for this weekends Superbowl. Shooters Sports Bar Leeds are actually offering a few special packages just for the occasion, including shots on arrival, personal waitress service, Burger and Fries, two bottles of Coors Light, and guaranteed seating all for only £15, a steal right? All of that is extremely limited though, and you need to book your place. If you do want to book your place for their Superbowl spectacular then just click here.

I would just like to thank Shooters Sports Bar Leeds for having both me and Jamie, and if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you check out Shooters Sports Bar Leeds.

Have you been to Shooters Sports Bar Leeds lately? What’s your favourite dish? What should I try next? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. Its a while since I’ve been there (I think it was a friends hen do and we did a cocktail making session and got rather tipsy!) and I remember it being a nice place!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Helen ♥

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