Five Things I Hate About The Beauty Industry

I really like the Beauty Industry, as I love that it can make you look and feel incredible when you aren’t necessarily feeling your best. But there’s a few things that I hate about it, and I thought that I would tell you five of them.

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A picture of my Face.

Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling, here’s five things I hate about the Beauty Industry.

1. Products with rubbish and inaccessible Packaging.

I get that products need to have cool and colourful packaging to catch our Eye, but I really wish that brands would think about the colours that they use before releasing a product into the world, as sometimes they make it incredibly difficult for someone who’s fully sighted to read the label let alone someone like me whoo is Visually Impaired. Gold labels with Silver writing and dark pink labels with slightly brighter pink writing probably have to be some of the worst ones that i’ve seen lately, but there’s a whole host of strange combinations that really make you wonder what idiot thought this was a good idea?. I also wish that brands would realise that not all products have to come in identical styled packaging, the amount of times that i’ve gone over to my Beauty Shelves to get ready in the morning and had to spend ages trying to figure out which bottle is which is ridiculous, as it wouldn’t cost much to make their packaging accessible by adding some kind of a tactile marker to it.

2. The Green Movement.

I’m sure that removing ingredients that someone might have a problem with like Essential Oils or Sulphates is a great idea, but companies that claim that products are Green really get on my nerves as the ingredients that they’ve removed have usually been researched and tested on for years. Knocking up a quick Face Mask in your Kitchen with Organic Ingredients may sound like a great idea as you know exactly what’s gone into it, but the other ingredients that have been added to the Face Mask that you bought from your favourite brand usually includes a whole host of other ingredients that make it a better product, like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Squalane, god I love Squalane, haha!

3. The term Anti-ageing.

I’m sorry, but a Cream that claims to reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles is a load of rubbish! It may reduce some of them, but that’s mainly because the area where the Fine Lines or Wrinkles have appeared is usually incredibly dehydrated and it merely hydrates or plumps the area making it look less visible. In my opinion, there’s only really one thing that will get rid of Fine Lines and Wrinkles, and that’s a Needle!

4. The Competition between brands.

I get that Brands want us to spend our Money on their products, but does there really need to be so much competition between them? I don’t need a brand screaming at me that their new Moisturiser is better than their competitors, just give me the information that I need, like what’s in it and what makes it different from the thousands of other Moisturisers that are currently on the Market, and i’ll make my own mind up as to whether or not I want to buy it.

5. Confusing information and ingredients.

I hate it when a brand releases a new product with a whole host of ingredients that you’ve never heard of and the best they can tell you on what it actually does for your Skin is, “oh it adds moisture”. Lots of things like Water and Glycerin add moisture to your Skin, but unless you tell me what it’s going to do differently to the other products that I already use, i’m not going to buy it. I also hate it when a brand tries to add an ingredient to one of their products because it’s the hot ingredient of the moment and doesn’t do enough research on what it actually does, Hyaluronic Acid anyone? A hyaluronic Acid Cleanser might sound cool, but given that you’ll be removing it in a couple of minutes, is it really doing that much to your Skin?

There’s a lot more things that I hate about the Beauty Industry, but I thought that I would just tell you five of them.

What do you hate about the Beauty Industry ? What do you think of my idea that brands should add tactile markers to their packaging? What’s some of your favourite Skincare Ingredients at the moment? Please let me know down below.