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Hi all my wonderful readers. I hope you’re all having a fantastic day.

As you may have seen in my latest vlog, I visited the newly launched Bubbleology, and I thought I would tell you all about it.

The store, well counter, is located near the Pandora store in the Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre. As I say, it’s not really a store, it’s a little counter, and it is extremely modern looking.

The concept of the store is good tea with a twist, plain and simple.

Among the many different drink combinations they offer, there is either your plain original teas including green, jasmine and ohlong, to fruit teas like mango, strawberry, and papaya, to nutty ones like almond, and there’s even some strange milky ones like banoffee pie, mocha, and cookies and cream. Once you have chosen your flavour, you then choose your add ons. Your add ons include, tapioka, flavoured jellies, and popping boba. Once you have chosen your flavour, and your add ons, you choose your size. You can either choose your size. You can either choose a regular,500ml, which will set you back £3.45, or a large 700ml, which will set you back £3.75. Then of course your add ons cost extra, all of which will set you back 50p. As drinks go, it’s actually quite reasonable for the sizes.

Me being the dull boring person that I am, I went for the plainest drink imaginable. I chose a Passion Fruit with no add ons, no nothing, just a straight up Passion Fruit tea.

I have to say, it was extremely tropical. Picture sat by the pool on holiday with the sun streaming down on your skin, and that refreshing drink that instantly cools you down, well it’s one of those drinks, uh it was so nice!

I did notice it had a very strange after taste, which was the tea they used. It wasn’t like one of those drinks that say it’s an iced tea when in actual fact it’s just water and an extremely sugary fake syrup.

I’m glad it had so much tea in there. It made me feel like I was actually drinking something substancial and not just some sugary soft drink.

Overall I am a massive fan of Bubbleology, and being the massive tea drinker that I am that says a lot. Out of ten, I would have to rate Bubbleology a massive ten. There’s nothing bad I could say about them. Their customer service was excellent, their drinks were gorgeous, and I will be going back as soon as I can. The only thing I think Bubbleology needs, is some seats, but other than that I would highly recommend you swing by Bubbleology and pick yourself up a refreshing yummy drink.

Have you tried Bubbleology? What did you think? Please let me know down below.

Luke x

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