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A little while ago, I had a little bit of a tea buying spree at Bluebird Tea Company, and picked up loads of different gorgeous sounding teas, you can find out what I actually bought here, One of the teas I managed to acquire, was their Elderflower Champagne, well i’ve been drinking it for quite while now, and I thought it was time I told you what I thought of it.

Some green tea leaves, with a green label saying Olong, on a white background.

A picture of the Bluebird Tea Company Elderflower Champagne.

here’s what Bluebird Tea Company say about their Elderflower Champagne.

Olong is considered to be the very best, the champers of the tea world if you will, and is also the prettiest tea to watch unfurl in your cup. Our combination of fresh zingy citrus, plus delicate floral Elderflower, are blended together to create a truly beautiful cup of tea. . It wont get you tipsy, but it is tip top indeed, plus u can also rebrew this up to seven times.

I could definitely taste both the citrus notes and the Elderflower, as they’re both extremely strong, and even though I sometimes find Elderflower a little sweet, I found that the sourness of the citrus notes gave it a nice balance between sweet and sour. I did find that it had a little bit of an overwhelming taste of tea though, but I think that’s because Olong has quite a strong taste.

I know that this might sound strange, but it even had that tingly taste that Champaign has when Champagne touches your tongue.

The Bluebird Tea Company have done a brilliant job with this, as it tastes exactly like it’s name, although I would have called it Elderflower Bellini, rather than Champagne, but that’s just me.

I’ve also used this to make iced tea, and the flavour was as intense as if I had brewed it as a hot tea, plus it has that perfect fresh and zingy taste that blends beautifully with the iciness of iced tea..

It says that the perfect brewing time for this is three minutes, which is the perfect amount of time if you’re in a rush, but if you have the time, I highly recommend that you let this steep for anywhere between five and ten minutes, as the longer you do, the better the overall flavour will be.

Overall I would have to rate the Bluebird Tea Company Elderflower Champagne, a nine out of ten. I loved everything about this, from it’s taste, to the feeling it gave on my tongue. The only thing I didn’t like, and this is just me nitpicking, was the amount of tea taste. Olong has an extremely strong taste, so I wonder if they could have used a tea with a little less strength, but other than that, it’s the perfect tea.

If you would like to check out the Bluebird Tea Company Elderflower Champagne for yourself, then you can either pop into one of The Bluebird Tea Company’s shops, or you can buy it online here.

Have you tried the Bluebird Tea Company Elderflower Champagne? What did you think? What tea should I try next? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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