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Hello everyone, welcome to another Tea Tastes Terrific post.

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In todays post i’m going to review a tea from a very beloved brand, the Whittards of Chelsea Apple Crumble Loose Leaf Tea.

I say beloved because, well because it’s that good. But we’ll get to that later.

First a little company background.

Whittards has been in business for over 128 years, and it’s still going strong today. Originally they only sold tea, but after a good few years they diversified. Whittard has over 77 retail stores all over the UK and quuite a few internationally. They also sell from their website. They also sell coffees. hot chocolates, confectionary and teawear. So basically if you want a hot drink, this is the place to be.

Now that i’ve given you a bit of background on the company, lets move on to the actual review.

When I baught the Apple Crumble variety, it was my first time shopping at this store. I first heared of Whittards due to an amazing YouTuber called Becky, or for those of you who watch her videos Talk Becky Talk. Like me she is a massive tea addict. Anyway, the best thing to do when shopping somewhere for the first time, is to ask the assistants their opinion. That’s exactly what I did. The very nice assistants told me their favourites were the apple crumble and the sticky toffee pudding, there’ll be a review of that soon. So that’s what I got, plus a few more thing, well I am a tea addict ha. After a bit of a chat I asked for a 100g of each and the assistant packaged that up for me. That’s the reason as to why I baught this blend.

For those wondering, the blend notes describe the apple crumble as a spicy apple crumble flavoured black tea inspired by the famous british desert.

Now that i’ve rambled on about why I baught it, and what Whittard has to say about their blend. Let’s get on to my thoughts.

This tea as you can tell by the title is a loose leaf tea. I had never used loose leaf before so that kind of threw me. But after getting over the fact I had to figure out how to brew it. I was quite impressed. The tea does need a lot of time to brew. The stated amount of time isn’t enough for me. If i’m drinking a flavoured tea, I want to taste it. Try brewing this one for at least 10 minutes to get the full taste, yes I said 10 minutes. It takes a long time to make this one, but once you have, let me tell you it’s amazing.

I was a bit hesitent of the flavour. I love apple crumble, but apple crumble usually means nearly no apple taste and over the top cinemon, yuk. This tea kind of has that taste. You can’t really taste the apples, but on the plus side you don’t get a mouth full of cinemon. Strangely it tastes of bubblegum, yeah I know, bubblegum, but that’s what it tastes of. Not really sure how they got from apple crumble to bubblegum, but they did. Don’t get me wrov,g it’s a amazing flavour, they just need to rename it bubblegum and they’ll sell them quicker than they can make them.

Now i’ve talked about my thoughts on the taste, and how best to brew it, it’s time for my marks out of twn. The marks for this one is a 9.5. I never give a full 10 because everything can always be improved. Other than the fact it needs renaming, it’s one of my favourite tea flavours. I prefere fruity sweet tastes which is why I love this one.

If you want to check out the Wittards of Chelsea Apple Crumble Loose Leaf tea, you can buy it direct from their website here.

Have you tried the apple crumble loose leaf tea? have any recommendations? please get in touch. You can do so by leaving me a comment, using my social tab on the navigation bar, or you can also email me via the contact me tab.

Thankyou very much for reading.

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