Tea Tastes Terrific | Whittard’s of Chelsea Dark Chocolate Loose Leaf Tea

Hi all my wonderful readers, how is everyone doing today?

I know I said you could choose what tea I talked about in my next Tea Tastes Terrific post, but I really needed to tell you about this one.

Now I know it’s not going to be to everyone’s taste, but it’s absolutely to die for.

The tea I am on about is the Whittard’s of Chelsea Dark Chocolate Loose Leafed Tea. Yes, I know it sounds strange mixing chocolate with tea but stay with me.

Whittard’s describes this as a tea for all the chocoholics of the world. Mixing black tea with a sprinkling of real cocoa curnels and dark chocolate.

It is most definitely for the chocoholics of us. Not only does it contain two different kinds of chocolate, but it also reeks of chocolate. If you were blindfolded and stuck your head in the packet, trust me you would think you were smelling a high end luxury chocolate bar.

It even looks like chocolate, well ground up chocolate anyway.

Strangely, it doesn’t actually taste of chocolate. Sarah, the assistant at my local Leeds branch said it perfectly, “It looks like chocolate, smells like chocolate, but tastes of tea”. I couldn’t have put it better myself. This one really messes with your mind. You keep expecting it to taste of chocolate, but it never does.

It’s perfect for this time of the year. It gives you that sweet intense indulgent hit of chocolate, but with none of the calories, well tea has no calories to me, but that’s just my opinion.

Out of 10, I would have to give this a big massive 10. It’s everything you want in a tea. Strong, yet suttle, sweet but bitter. There’s nothing bad I can say about this amazing tea. In fact when I run out, i’m definitely going to be rushing out to buy a lot more. I know it sounds extremely strange to mix chocolate and tea but just try it. Usually, if you ask the assistants nicely, they’ll let you try a little sample. Just give it a chance, and I know you’ll love it.

You can buy it either in one of the many Whittard’s of Chelsea stores up and down the country, or you can buy it from their website here.

What tea from my Tea Cupboard do you want me to talk about next? Make sure to keep checking the post because when I get new teas i’ll be updating the post. Have you any recommendations on what tea I should try next? What’s your favourite tea at the moment? Please let me know in the comments below .

Luke x


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Luke x

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One Comment:

  1. Hi Luke,

    Totally agree with you, the dark chocolate tea is so yummy! The assistant suggested to mix it with peppermint tea. OMG it’s a lovely choc/mint hit.


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