The 15 Weird Questions Tag

I saw this tag on the wonderful Molly Burke’s YouTube Channel, and I thought it was time for you to see how weird I am.
1. What One Nickname Does Your Family Call You?
Lukie, and it makes me want to slap them. Do I look like a three year old? No! So don’t call me it.
2. What’s Your Weird Habit?
I sing and make humming noises, both on my own, and in public.
3. What’s Your Weird Phobia?
I don’t like bugs. I know it’s pretty normal, but small things flying around, uh no!
4. What Is One Song You Like To Sing When You’re Alone?
Anything with a high note. It’s usually something by Kelly Clarkson.
5. What Is Your Biggest Pet Peeve?
People who don’t listen to me. My Mother does this, and it makes me want to strangle her. It isn’t that she can’t hear me, she’s just bloody ignorant.
6. What’s Your Nervous Habit?
I scratch. It’s not as bad as it sounds. I just scratch my nails   I usually don’t even know I’m doing it.
7. What Side Of The Bed Do You Sleep On?
The one nearest to the door   It’s just a comfort thing.
8. What Was Your First Stuffed Animal And What Was Its Name?
It was a stuffed Garfield Cat, and it was of course called Garfield. I know, so original!
9. What Drink Do You Order At Starbucks?
It changes from season to season, but at the moment it’s a hot chocolate with cream and strawberry syrup. It tastes like Turkish Delight. Please try it, it’s gorgeous.
10. What Beauty Regime Do You Preach But Don’t Practice?
To tone. I always forget, haha!
11. Which Way Do You Face In The Shower?
Usually facing the shower head, right under the water.
12. Do You Have Any Weird Body Skills?
Yes. I can touch my forehead with my foot.
13. What Is Your Favourite Comfort Food That Isn’t Good For You?
All food is comfort food, isn’t it? But Pizza has to be my favourite.
14. What Phrase Do You Always Say?
I would rather top myself with a rusty spoon.
15. Its Time To Sleep, What Are You Wearing?
Usually a t-shirt and bottoms.
That’s all my answers. Do you think I’m weird?
I tag…
Kariss, Kat, Liam, John, Stevie, and last but by no means least, Is Sarah.
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Luke x

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  1. That hot chocolate does sound great!
    It’s always cool to find out more about bloggers in posts like this.

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