The Beauty Matters Relaunch Event

Hi all my wonderful readers. How are you all doing today?

A little while ago I attended a really cool event held by Beauty Matters, and I thought I would share with you what went down.

If you haven’t heard of Beauty Matters before. They are a beauty salon based in Leeds, offering up to the minute and inovative beauty treatments. They offer a wide range of treatments including Permament Make Up, Environ, Aromatheropy, Shelliac, and many many more.

Upon arriving at the immaculately clean and new looking salon, we were greeted by an extremely friendly lady called Francesca, and asked if we would like a glass of champagne. I don’t usually drink, but seeing as how it was a special event I decided to make an exception.

After being given a really nice glass of champaigne, we were handed a lovely little goodie bag. Inside was quite a few leaflets about Beauty Matters and the kinds of products and services they offer. There was also a few of their wonderful products. I received a bottle of their Environ AVST1 Moisturiser and one of their Environ AVST Body Pamper Packs.

Beauty Matters Goodie Bags

After being handed our goodie bags, we was told we could just wonder around.

We started wondering around, and we decided to go upstairs.

After finally figuring out which staircase went where, we stumbled upon some of their lovely treatment rooms.

One of the treatments I was particularlly interested in was their Dermalogica Facial.

This is where a specialised consultant uses a very special machine to map your skin. It also helps you to identify any problem skin areas. The consultant then helps you figure out what products to use to fix your problems.

Jamie got to have a little try of this. The consultant sat him down and asked him a few questions about his skin. He said he knew that lactose made him break out and that he had made a concious decision to stay away from it. After using the machine the consultant told him what was wrong with certain parts of his skin. She then told him that lactic acid would help fix the problems they had discussed.

I like the concept of this. Unlike most beauty treatments, you can actually get an instant result from this, so there’s no waiting three months using an eyewatering expensive lotion and never seeing any changes.

We did a little more wondering, and stumbled upon the aromatheropy room.

I loved this room. I would call it more a relaxation room rather than an aromatherapy room. The thing I liked was the really cool chair. The chair had little lights attached that are used to help clear your mind and make you feel like your problems are far away and that you’re the only person in the world.

Beauty Matters Aromatheropy Room

We did a little more wondering and found a really interesting treatment room. It was the Permament Make Up room.

If you haven’t heard of permament make up. It’s basically tattoos. If you are sick and tired of drawing on your eyebrows or lip liner everyday, then this could very well be for you. Unfortunately they don’t last forever, they just kind of fade, so you may need to get them renewed about every 18 months. Don’t wor ry though, the consultant uses anasthetic so it doesn’t hurt, you just get a slight tingling sensation.

After having a good look around, we headed back downstairs to the main room.

After mingling and finding lots of other amazing people. The owner and managing director Mel made a little speech.

She thanked everyone for coming and talked a little about her wonderful business. She also told everyone about some fantastic one night only offers that was going on.

Mel is amazing. She has been in the beauty business for over 16 years.

After many office type roles, and a stint in the hospitality sector. Mel had an ephihany while having a spa treatment at a stately home. She thought that the person giving her the treatment had a fantastic job making people feel wonderful about themselves.

Mel’s parents were both hard working self employed people and she knew that some day she wanted to be the same.

She went back to college and got a BTEC in Beauty and then two years later she opened her first beauty salon.

Mel now has two salons. One in Garforth and the other in Rothwell on the outskirts of Leeds. Mel still keeps an active role in both salons alongside two amazing salon managers.

Both of the salons have up to the date technology, expertise and the most friendliest staff in the world.

If you’re looking for a wonderful beauty treatment at extremely reasonable prices, then Beauty Matters is the place to go.

After Mel finished her speech. She introduced a member from the Leeds McMillian Team. The night was cohosted by McMillian and there was various things going on throughout the night to raise money for a fabulous cause.

Beauty Matters Food Table

After both women had finished their speeches, we wondered around a little more and helped ourselves to some of the tasty canapays they had on offer.

There was all kinds of sushi, finger food, fruit and even a few indulgent chocolaty things.

We did a little more mingling and then decided it was time to head off.

It was getting extremely busy and adding a visually impaired guy with a cane and a guy with anxiety wasn’t a good mix.

I had a really amazing time at the Beauty Matters Relaunch Event, and if you haven’t already checked them out then I highly recommend you do.

You can check out all of the treatments they have to offer, and even book online here.

McMillian is an amazing cause supporting cancer sufferers and their families. If you would like to donate to their fabulous cause, you can do so here.

I would just like to say a big massive thank you to Beauty Matters for inviting me to their incredible event.

Have you checked out Beauty Matters? What is your favourite type of treatment to get? Please let me know in the comments below.

Luke x

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Luke x

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  1. Seems like an awesome spa with a lot to offer. And Mel is very inspirational.

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