It’s A Jungle Out There | The Body Shop #WildAboutLeeds Leeds Briggate Concept Store Preview

A couple of weeks ago, me and Jamie were very kindly invited to The Body Shop’s #WildAboutLeeds event. It was to come and check out what their Leeds Briggate concept store will look like, and to also check out what they will have on offer over the festive period. After having such a fantastic evening checking everything out, I thought I would tell you all about it.

The event was held at Lambert’s Yard in Leeds City Centre, which was a little hard to find, but once we had eventually found it, we headed on in and said hello to the extremely friendly guy on the door, who took our names and said to head upstairs. I had to stop a couple of times while going up the stairs as they had decorated the staircase with lots of lovely fairy lights, which even though looked adorable, I couldn’t find any of the banister to hold on to as I was going up the stairs, and seeing as how stairs send me a little dizzy, I had to stop to get my focus again, but once I had gotten to the top and had recovered myself, we were both greeted by Lisa and Anika, the wonderful ladies who had invited us to the event. After saying hello to both of them, they started to tell us both what would be happening throughout the evening.

Once we had finished chatting to Lisa and Anika, Jamie dragged me to the watering hole, the bar, and we got ourselves a couple of really tasty drinks. There were two amazing drinks on offer, which were both based on two of their festive ranges. The first was a Vodka and Raspberry cocktail, and the other was a non-alcoholic Apple slammer. I went for the Vodka and Raspberry cocktail, which was really nice. It was a little stronger than I would have liked, but I got what they were going for. Jamie had the non-alcoholic Apple Slammer, which I thought tasted a little strange. It was supposed to taste of spiced Apples, but all I really tasted was Ginger Beer.

Lucy Earnshaw's golden hand, on a dark background.

A picture of Lucy Earnshaw’s Arm At The Body Shop’s #WildAboutLeeds Event.

With our drinks in hand, we started to wander around and eventually found a few other bloggers to chat to, including Lizi, Lucy, and Lucinda , and once we had finished chatting, we started to wander around again. We then came across the beauty bar, where there were demonstrations, staff members offering expert advice, and hand and arm massages going on. We also watched one of the lovely staff members apply some gorgeous products to Lucy’s arm, and whilst we were watching we both had a little play around with The Body Shop’s five new face masks, for anyone who doesn’t know, there’s a Charcoal one, a British Rose one, a Honey one, a Gin Zing one, and an An acai one. They’re all meant to help with different skin problems wether that’s moisture, or blemishes and oily skin, and are all priced at £15.

After checking out all of the face masks, we wandered around again, and then Lisa, Anika, and all the staff gathered us up as they were starting the presentation, The presentation started off by showing us a video advertising their festive range, and featured an array of different jungle animals singing a version of Jingle Bells, which they had renamed Jungle Bells, haha! The presentation then moved onto telling us all about The Body Shop’s Leeds Briggate concept store, and what it will have on offer, which will include a personalise your own body butter bar, an event space, a completely new layout, and a community wall for Leeds.

A Green body butter tub, with a label with white font and a picture of a Panda on it, on a wooden background.

A picture of The Body Shop’s Personalised Body Butter.

Once the presentation had finished, we started wandering around again, and someone started coming around with some gorgeous canapes. I had eaten earlier so I didn’t have that much, but there was some delicious Goats Cheese and Red Onion Chutney Panini’s, some Salmon and Guacamole cones, some Brownies, and some Cheesecake on offer. The only thing I ate was the Salmon and Guacamole cones, which were basically a Tortilla smothered in Guacamole, rolled up, with a piece of Salmon at the opening of the cone. It sounds strange mixing Salmon and Guacamole together, but it actually tasted rather nice.

After we had finished our food, and had a little more of a wander around, we ended up near a table with all of the festive ranges on it, so obviously we had to try everything out, haha! We also got talking to a few other bloggers, including Jada, and that’s pretty much where we stayed until it was time to leave, as we spent the rest of the evening chatting and laughing with Jada, and all the other fabulous bloggers.

After a little while of us chatting, the evening started to come to a close, so we said goodbye to Jada and all the other bloggers, and went to get our bags. With our bags and coats in hand, we started saying goodbye to all the staff including Lisa and Anika, but before we could leave, the guys at The Body Shop handed me a massive bag which contained a voucher for one of their personalise your own body butter bar body butters, and one of their advent calendars. I had been lusting after one of their advent calendars for ages, so as you can guess, I was pretty excited to receive one. Once we had been given our goodie bags, we said our thank you’s and goodbye’s, and headed down the stairs back into Leeds.

I had an amazing time learning all about The Body Shop’s Leeds Briggate concept store, which just in case you’re wondering, is located on Briggate in Leeds, opposite Harvey Nichols, and Victoria Leeds, so if you get a chance, I highly recommend you pop in and say hello to all the friendly staff.

I would just like to thank everyone at The Body Shop including Lisa and Anika for hosting such an amazing event.

Have you visited The Body Shop’s Leeds Briggate concept store yet? What did you think? What’s your favourite festive product? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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