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One of my favourite drinks, apart from tea, most definitely has to be Champagne, and when the wonderful people over at Epernay Champagne Bar Leeds kindly invited me down to their beautiful bar to come and try out their new Summer 2016 menu, I was like umm is the sky blue? Of course I would love to. I had a brilliant night of drinking tons of champagne, well I think I did, I can’t really remember after the third glass, but I thought I would tell you all about it.

For any of you who don’t know, Epernay Champagne Bar Leeds, is a premium Champagne bar nestled in the backstreets of Leeds next to Millenium Square in a beautiful Grade Two listed building. As well as offering  an extensive selection of Champagne from over 21 houses ranging from larger established names to small individual growers, they also offer some amazing cocktails made from high quality and sometimes unique ingreediants.

I went with Jamie and Michelle, and after a little wandering around Leeds trying to find the beautiful bar, we finally arrived and was very kindly greeted by one of the Epernay Champagne Bard Leeds’ staff members who said hello, took our names, and said that we could just head in and grab a glass of fizz. With our fizz in hand we decided to sit right at the bar as there would be a little master class showing us what went into the tasty drinks later and we thought it would be best to be near the front. Not that I could see what was happening haha!

A picture of the bar area at the Epernay Champagne Bar Leeds.

A picture of the bar area at the Epernay Champagne Bar Leeds.

The place looked and felt beautiful, extremely high class but still somewhere you could come and chill out after a long hard day at the office. It also has an outside terrace, which I think would be brilliant when it starts to get a little warmer. I could totally imagine myself sitting on the terrace with a nice glass of bubbly on a nice hot day just relaxing.

After about fifteen minutes of us chatting and sipping our Champagne, the lovely manager introduced herself, and after a little introduction she also introduced the PR lady who had invited us. She told us all about what was going to happen throughout the night and what they were trying to achieve with their new menu. She then introduced Epernay Champagne Bar Leeds’ head barman, who started to show us the first of three drinks from the new Summer 2016 menu.

A picture of the Blue Grass Smash cocktail from Epernay Champagne Bar Leeds

A picture of the Blue Grass Smash cocktail from Epernay Champagne Bar Leeds

The first drink was the Blue Grass Smash, which contains Zubrowka Vodka, fresh homemade Blueberry Syrup, and Mint leaves. This was extremely sweet and tasted very much like the Blue WKDs. I really liked it but I think it was extremely dangerous as it tasted like juice, and I have a feeling it would get me really drunk, really quickly if I kept drinking it.

We had a little snack of a Caprese Salad to soak up a little of the alcohol. It went perfectly with the fresh grassy taste of the Vodka and Blueberry Syrup.

A picture of the Koko Kanu cocktail from Epernay Champagne Bar Leeds.

A picture of the Koko Kanu cocktail from Epernay Champagne Bar Leeds.

The next drink we had, was the Pink Koko which contains Koka Kanu Rum, Orgeat, and Raspberries. I really liked the look of this as it was bright pink because of the Raspberries. The Pink Koko was my least favourite of all three drinks, but that was because of the Koko Kanu Rum. It just made the entire drink taste of Coconut, and you all know how I feel about Coconut. I did think the Orgeat gave it a rather sweet after taste though.

We had a kind of Pastry thing to go along with this which tasted a little like a dough nut, but with Cream and Apple Sauce. I think it went perfectly with the sweetness of the entire drink.

A picture of the Morning After cocktail from Epernay Champagne Bar Leeds.

A picture of the Morning After cocktail from Epernay Champagne Bar Leeds.

The last drink we had was the Morning After, which contained Apriocot Briotte, Portobello Road Gin, and Fresh Grapefruit. Even though i’m not the biggest fan of Gin, this one most definitely has to be my favourite of the three. I loved the zesty notes coming from the Apriocot Briotte and fresh Grapefruit, and I think this one would be perfect for a boozy brunch.

We had a Sausage Roll Bite to go along with this one, which I think went perfectly with the zesty flavours of the drink.

After drinking three amazing cocktails, the bar staff came round with more Champagne to top up our glasses and they said that we could just sit, relax and enjoy the Champagne. This sounded perfect to me, the only trouble was that as soon as my glass was empty of their delectable Champagne, they topped it up to the brim again so all in all I ended up having about six or seven glasses of wonderful Champagne, and three delicious cocktails, so that’s about ten glasses of alcohol in all haha!

Of course I couldn’t go without knocking something over. I managed to send a full glass of Champagne flying across the bar. I’m blaming it on my eyes and not the ten glasses of alcohol I drank haha!

While we were drinking all of the lovely Champagne, one of the staff members handed around a notepad so that we could all enter into the raffle that they were holding that night, and Michelle actually won first prize, yay!

After another couple of glasses the evening started to come to a close so we said our goodbyes to all the lovely staff, and tried to head for our train.

I had an absolutely amazing night at Epernay Champagne Bar Leeds, and I would just like to thank all the amazing staff for not only hosting an amazing night, but for having us too.

Epernay Champagne Bar Leeds also have a few deals going on at the moment like their Bottomless Brunch where you get brunch in their beautiful bar and can get as many drinks as you want from their brunch selection, I know it’s an amazing deal right?

All the beautiful pictures in this post were taken by the talented Michelle, so please go check out all of her incredible work.

Have you checked out Epernay Champagne Bar Leeds? What would you recommend? What’s your favourite cocktail?Let me know down below.

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Luke x

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