The Kiehls York Bloggers Event

Hi all my wonderful readers. How are you all doing today?

Last week, I was very kindly invited to attend a bloggers event held at the Kiehls York, and I thought I would share with you what happened, and what I thought.

Firstly, I had never been to York, so I was extremely excited to go. Unfortunately, getting to the event was easier said than done. The Kiehls York store is a little out of the way, and a little hard to find. We did eventually find the store, with absolutely no help from Apple Maps, god I hate that thing, haha!

Once we finally found the store we had to knock on the door as unfortunately we was a little late. Once we knocked, a very kind woman who worked at the store invited us in and introduced us to everyone.

After we had been introduced, she asked us if we would like a drink. We both said yes please. We both opted for the flavoured water rather than the cava. As you may already know I don’t really drink. After we were handed our drinks, we took our seats.

A couple of minutes later, Hannah, the store manager introduced herself.

She started to tell us all about why they had decided to host the event, and a little bit of background about the amazing company. Hannah then introduced us to her assistant manager, Laura.

Laura was going to be our main host for the evening.

Keihls Product Range

Laura started to show us all of Kiehls amazing products.

She also then said that she would need a volunteer. Kat, a really amazing blogger who attended the event decided to nominate herself.

She asked Kat to take a seat upfront. Once she had sat down, Laura started to ask Kat all about her skin. Kat said that she had some dryer, and some oily parts, and that she had a few red areas on her skin that she was extremely conscious of.

Laura explained that she was going to give her a whole skin routine that would help her conceal and reduce her red areas.

Firstly Laura used two special machines that mapped Kat’s skin. The first tested Kat’s skin type, and the second tested how much moisture was in her skin.

She then moved onto Kat’s routine.

She started by explaining about all the different steps of the routine.

She started by using the Kiehls Calendula Cleanser. She explained all about the Calendula range and the properties that it contains. Calendula comes from the Marigold flower and offers lots of moisture and skin healing properties. She also let us all try a little of the cleanser on our hands. Hannah came and placed a little water on my hand, and then a little of the cleanser too. The cleanser absorbed into my skin extremely quickly. It also strangely smelt of lemons and grass. Picture a meadow of lemon grass and that’s what it smelt of.

Laura then moved on to the Calendula Toner. She started to explain what a toner actually does. She explained that the Calendula Toner has a little bit of a strange texture. It has little parts of the flower in it, don’t worry it dissolves after a little while.

After talking about the Toner, we moved onto exfoliation.

She started to talk about the Kiehls Pineapple Papaya Scrub.

She talked about the importance of exfoliating, and that we should only really do it once a week. She then let us try out a little on our hands. It smelt gorgeous. It wasn’t as scrubbery as I thought it would be. It also had a very strange after scent of honey.

After she had talked about all of the day steps, cleansing, toning, and exfoliating, she started to talk about moisturising. She talked all about the different Kiehls moisturisers they offer and all their different properties.

After talking about the moisturisers, she started to tell us all about their most popular product, the Kiehls Midnight Recovery. She explained about all of the oils and properties it contained, and it’s results.

Kiehls BB Cream and Moisturiser

After talking us all through everything, she started concentrating on Kat’s red areas. She explained that the best thing to use from their range for her was their Kiehls BB Cream. She said it had a light coverage but still had enough to cover the parts Kat would want.

After showing us all of the different products, and giving Kat her skin consultation, she checked Kat’s skin with the special machines again.

It turns out that Kat’s skin had increased in moisture by about 10%

I was extremely impressed.

Laura then said that now we were all going to get to try out the machines on our own skin.

Laura asked if we were ok to do it by ourselves or if we wanted her to do it on us. Seeing as how I had no idea what I was doing, I thought it was best for Laura to do it.

She tested my skin and said that my skin was actually extremely dry and needed moisture. She then used the moisture machine and tested my skin. It was in the low 30%. I was very concerned. I had always thought I had oily skin, not dry, haha!

I was incredibly impressed that it could tell me what was wrong with my skin.

Laura then showed me a few products on what could add more moisture to my skin. She suggested quite a few amazing products. She also suggested a really good clay mask that would add a lot of moisture.

After showing me the mask, the event started to wrap up.

We were asked if we would like to register to their emailing system, obviously I did.

Before the event had completely wrapped up, the prize draw had to be drawn. After we had all entered, Laura started to draw the winner from the hat. She asked Hannah to pick the winner, and Kat won!

Laura then thanked us all for coming, and said that she hoped we would be back again soon.

Kiehls is fast becoming one of my favourite brands, and I had a fantastic time at the event and meeting all of the incredible bloggers.

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Hannah and Laura at the Kiehls York store for having me.

If you haven’t already checked out Kiehls then I highly recommend you do. If you are also in York then I highly recommend you pop in to the store. It’s a beautiful store, you really need to go check it out.

Have you been to the Kiehls York store? What do you think? What is your favourite Kiehls product? Please let me know down below.

Luke x

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