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The Black Swan restaurant in Leeds has recently launched their new Autumn menu, and I was kindly invited to their beautiful restaurant to give it a try.
After meeting Jamie in Bradford city centre, we caught our train to Leeds. Once we had arrived in Leeds, we went to Trinity Leeds, the massive modern glass covered shopping centre in the middle of Leeds. Seeing as we had absolutely no clue where the restaurant was, Jamie thought it would be a good idea to leave me sat down while he went and found it. It turns out, we had walked past it every time we were shopping, haha!
After Jamie came and got me, we headed to the restaurant. Once we entered, and had found a staff member, we was told to head upstairs.
Once upstairs, we were greeted by a really friendly woman who asked if we were ok. We said that we were there for the bloggers event, she said ok, and seated us at a really big table. As well as me and Jamie, there was also Natalie and her very friendly friend, so sorry but I forgot your name, sat at our table. Once we had all been introduced, a man with quite a lot of drinks on a tray, asked if I would like a cocktail. Umm yes please! It turns out it was an Amaretto Sour. It had lemon, egg whites, and of course Amaretto in it. It was absolutely gorgeous. Quite sweet, but sour at the same time, uh! I could have drunken about a thousand of them.
After a little more chatting, the barman came around again. This time it was Mojito, one of my favourite drinks. It was really nice, but it tasted more like a spiked lemonade rather than a traditional Mojito. It was one of those drinks that you could keep drinking and not eveln realise you’re getting drunk.
After we chatted again for a while, the food started to arrive.
The first were little starter taster spoons. The first of which was Onion Three Ways. It had a little piece of Onion Bhaji, Onion Puree, and Red Wine soaked Onions. It was gorgeous. I love Onions, but I couldn’t really taste the Red Wine, but it was a nice added touch. The other was basically a deconstructed Duck A L’Orange. It had a nice thick piece of Duck, with an orange and Walnut Salad. They were both incredible. I can see myself ordering both, but my favourite was the Duck. I love Duck, and was extremely glad to try their different way of serving it.
The next dish to arrive was the starter of Braised Pork Cheeks with a Pork Pie Puree and Sour Apple and Crackling Salad. I had never tried Pork Cheeks, and it was actually quite nice. It was extremely succulent but tasted of Beef, I’m not sure why either but I loved it. I didn’t try the Pork Pie Puree as I have a weird thing about Pork Pie. The sour Apple was actually rather sweet but went really nicely with the Pork Cheeks. The Crackling Salad was gorgeous and really crunchy. I hate it when Salad has no crunch, I mean what’s the point in a Salad if it has no crunch?
Next up were their mini Burgers. These were a Beef and Bone Marrow pattie, with baby gem Lettuce, pickled Cabbage, heirloom Tomatoes, Mustard Mayo, Beer battered bun, and Beer battered Gherkin. These were incredibly succulent but extremely messy, one bite and my top was ruined. It was a very high quality Burger, but was just miniaturised. That means I can have more right? Haha!!
Next up was the vegetarian dish. It was Pumpkin Torteloni, with Pumpkin Puree, and Roasted Butternut Squash. I didn’t have any of this as my stomach doesn’t agree with it. Butternut Squash that is, not Pasta, I bloody love Pasta, ha!
After this came the last of the savoury dishes. This was Confit Pork Belly with Chorizo and Baby Corn. This was my favourite of all the dishes. The Pork Belly was crunchy but succulent at the same time. I loved the combination of the crunchy Pork and the spicy Chorizo. Not sure what the Corn was about, but it was a nice addition.
After all the scrumptious savoury dishes had been eaten, it was time for dessert, my favourite.
There were two to choose from, an Apple Crumble Brulee, and an Ale Cheesecake with a Peanut topping
The Cheesecake was just weird, I’m sorry but it just was. The base was gorgeous, but the Cheese filling was extremely sour, and I just don’t do sour. I was really confused by the Peanut. I have no idea why they thought Peanuts and Cheesecake would go together because it didn’t.
The Apple Crumble Brulee was amazing. Rich creamy Custard with soft Apples and a crunchy Granola like topping. Oh I could have eaten about a thousand of these. Apple Crumble is one of my favourite desserts, and I loved this new twist on it.
After all the food had been eaten, and all the drinks drank, it was time to leave.
I loved trying out Black Swan’s new menu. If you are after amazing high quality food at decent affordable prices, then the Black Swan is for you.
I just want to say a massive thank you to the Black Swan for having me, and I know you’ll love their food just as much as I did.
If you would like to book a table, or just find out more about this fantastic restaurant, you can check them out online here.
Have you tried out any new restaurants lately? What were they? What did you have?

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Luke x

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