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Hi all my wonderful readers. I hope you’re all having a fantastic day.

Last week Iwas very kindly tagged by Liam to do the Love/Hate tag.

If you have never read a blogging tag. It’s very simple. A blogger writes a post, and then tags other bloggers to do the same post. It’s quite like the irritating email chain mail of yesteryear, uh I used to hate those.

Here goes.

I love…


1. A good cup of tea.

If you follow me on any of my social media accounts, you should already know my love of a good cup of tea. Any kind, I love it. Normal, flavoured, fruit, i love it all.

2. Crime TV shows.

I love a good TV show, but crime shows have to be my favourite. Everything from CSI : Crime Scene Investigation, and Law and Order Special Victims Unit, to Agatha Christie’s Poirot, I love them all.

3. The dark.

Even though I’m visually impaired, and can’t actually see in the dark. It has to be one of my favourite times of the day.

4. Cool air on a hot day.

I hate being hot, and when your walking around all hot and bothered, there’s nothing better than a nice cold breeze.

5. My dog, Riley.

I love Riley. Especially when he decides to jump up on the bed and snuggle up next to me.

6. Shopping.

If you watch my videos, this will come as no shock. I love to shop. My bank account proberbly doesn’t like it, but I sure do, haha!

7. My phone.

I love spending hours on end checking all my different apps and talking to tons of people.

8. Pizza.

Oh I love pizza. It most definitely has to be my favourite food. A nice crispy but doughy base, tangy tomato sauce, creamy cheese, and a meaty topping. Oh there’s nothing better!

9. Doing nothing all day.

It’s quite rare that this happens lately, as i’m usually busy editing, writing, or attending an event, but when I can just lay in bed and just watch TV and relax. Oh it’s so good!

10. Baths.

Strangely, being a guy, people expect you to hate baths, but I actually quite like them. A nice smelling bubble bath or bath bomb, music, my book, and a cup of tea. It’s a fantastic way to lose an hour or two, haha!

I hate…


1. People who think it’s appropriate to stand in doorways having a conversation.

What sain person thinks that’s ok? It really irritates me, especially when I end up walking into them and they look at me as if I have just attacked them. Get a grip, and get your arse out of my way! If you want to have a chat with your friends, do it out of peoples way.

2. Parents who let their kids run riot and scream in public.

You can see them running around, so at least try to control them. Don’t just sit there and let it happen. One or maybe two I can usually handle, but when it’s basically a whole classroom full, I am obviously going to walk into them, and I refuse to apologise. Get a handle on your kids!

3. Teenagers who blast music on buses.

I love music as much as the next person, that’s why I use my headphones. I do not want to hear your chavy music that is the same exact beat going round on a loop. Even when they do use their headphones, you can still hear it over three seats away. I have seriously envision myself doing the Miranda scene where she chops their wires off it’s that bad.

4. Phone applications that don’t work with voiceover properly.

Why is this so hard to fix? Apple gives you everything you need to create the app properly, but no, you think ah screw it, we’ll just do what we want. Urgh!

5. Places with dark or dim lights.

How long does it take you to change a light bulb? Thirty seconds, that’s it. So get of your arse and do it. Not only does it send me dizzy, which is a massive health and safety risk, but it also sets off my floaters, little white floating blurs that happen when lights change a lot, which is also a massive health and safety risk. Get off your arse and fix it, urgh!

6. People who slap their lips when they speak.

You weren’t born or grew up speaking like that, so stop it. It makes me want to grab them and slap them. If I wanted to listen to someone talk like Donald Duck, I would ask!

7. Glasses falling down my nose.

As you may already know, I ware glasses. It really gets on my nerves when I can feel my glasses slipping down my nose.

8. Hayfeaver.

Sneezing, coughing, sore eyes, sore throat, watery eyes, I can’t see anything good about i.t oh did I mention the added mini headaches. Uh the joy!

9. Spicy food.

I don’t find joy in burning my throat, taste buds, and other senses. I can handle and quite enjoy things with a kick to them, but spicy for being spicy isn’t for me. I like to enjoy food, not have it hurt me.

10. Cosmetics adverts.

Fights seven signs of ageing, yeah and i’m Leonardo DeCaprio. It’s not just the fact they offer rediculos claims, it’s also the person on the screen. Oh I used to look like a troll and now I look like a god. That means that you’re either twenty years younger than the products key demographic, or you’ve either had a total face lift, or air brushed within an inch of your life.

There you have it, ten of my loves and hates. I hope you’ve enjoyed me rambling about what I love and hate.

It’s now time for me to tag some amazing bloggers who I would like to see write this tag post.

I tag…

A Blokes Eyeview, Jamie Sowden, It’s Just Me Hayley, The Pink Peeptoe, A Little Va Va Voom, The Guy With The Owl Tattoo, and last but by no means least, Big Fashionista.

If you have already been tagged and have written your post, I do apologise, but please leave me your links, so I can go read your loves and hates.

What are some of your loves and hates? I would really love to know, so please leave me a comment down below.

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Luke x

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